Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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- Gallery Ühaul

Patsy Kline is one smart woman. When her Gallery Ü got bumped last December from downtown Cleveland's ArtCade, she put her ‘space’ on wheels. The first of her themed mobile art exhibitions debuted…er…parked outside of The Inside-Outside Gallery on March 10th.

CoolCleveland.com’s Lee Batdorff writes:

“Then I visited the U-haul truck outside. I was surprised to find Patsy Kline, owner of Gallery Ü in the Artcade Downtown presenting "Gallery Ühaul - Don’t Look Back: Site-Specific Works".

There were several pieces of ethereal sculptures and paintings along one wall of the well-lit cargo space. The main work was a video projected on the front wall of the cargo space in a way I was unable to determine at my passing glance. The video was a maniacal loop taken from the view out the windshield of an automobile traveling the loops of the I-271-Mayfield Road interchange in Mayfield Heights. Having gone through this interchange many times I readily recognized apartment buildings and signs as they whizzed by.

The video installation by R Ferris, oil paintings by Michael McNamara, and sculpture installation by Steven B. Smith.

Ms. Kline said that Gallery Ü in the Artcade has been replaced with a sports bar type place. I can imaging the fun Patsy will have taking art to people with Gallery Ühaul this summer.”

…but you won’t have to wait for summer - the next Gallery Ühaul location/installation will be in front of Brandt Gallery on April 14th during the Tremont Art Walk.

For more info, click here: http://galleryucleveland.blogspot.com/

NP: Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring"/Cleveland Orchestra/Maazel (ummm...greensexstirrings!)

PEEVE DE JOUR: speed traps on I-77, and my radar detector isn't-ing.


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