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Ray Nissen won the 2006 "Wrappie" Award - he was the first person to report hearing The Waitresses' "Christmas WRapping" song in a public space. i've dropped off the $100 to the Hoboken Public Library in his honor.

but the reports keep coming in:

Chris, Don't know if there is already a winner, but Josh Roy Brown of Big Indian N.Y. heard Christmas Wrapping at the Toyota Dealership in Kingston NY today Dec. 5th at 2:20 EST as he reported to me to forward to you. Take Care. Betsy Friedman of Betsy and Baker

hey Chris-
how are you?
did anyone win the contest yet?
I heard Christmas Wrapping while driving on 95 South from Boston in the snowstorm this morning.
I figured someone else must have heard it before today.
Hope all is well-
cool story about the guitar

After all that emailing about Kansas, etc. I heard Xmas Wrappings at a bar called Kettle of Fish in the West Village near my work about an hour ago. Had a few in me and wasn't near a computer so I hijacked the owners cell phone and called you at home. Did I win? Hope so.

Me: (uncharacteristically excited) Is this Christmas Wrapping?

Bartender: Yeah. Why?

Me: I know this guy!

Bartender: Sounds like a girl.


It's 11:09 AM 12/1 and I'm hearing Xmas Wrapping on XM Radio here at work in our production dept.


Krys O.

WCBS am 880, 7:11 am, today!


Hey Chris- "Christmas Wrapping" heard at 7:14 this morning on WCBS Radio. The only problem- it was the background behind a news story. It ran about 1:30 or so. So I can't take credit for hearing it in its entirety- but I can help you with the royalties!

Hope all is well.

Bill Corney
aka "Artie Fufkin, POS Records"

Hey Chris
I heard Xmas Wrapping at around 6:20pm today, 11/30/06, in the Toy Space toy store on 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


I don't know if this qualifies but...

Jim Testa

Do I win for seeing something written about it on the internet?

So far the what's the matter with Kansas is the food and the weather. Arf, arf, arf, bb

… wanted to let you know I heard yer xmas song at
Shop Rite in Livingston, NJ on Friday, December 1st.
Probably around 1pm as I was helping my mom out.

Hope yer well and the royalty checks are a flowin'!

Ken Beck
Bar/None Records

Hi Chris,

I was at my son Matthew's kindergarten class for a pre-Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday Nov. 22nd. The radio was playing at a low volume, but I clearly the horn section of "Christmas Wrapping," and I thought of you. It wasn't until yesterday that Nikki told me about the Wrappie Award, and I'm really pissed that I didn't know about it. (Just kidding).

Happy holidays, CB, see you soon.



- revised radio script accepted by my advocate. Chris T...are you game to engineer?

if you haven't heard it yet:


- or -


PEEVE DE JOUR: let me see if i have this right - you get to treat me like shit...but i'm not supposed to get angry about it???

JOIE DE JOUR: IOJ-Day in T minus 19 days and counting...

NEVER BE AT THE WRONG PARTY: i LOVE the stuff they put on at The Tank!

Greetings All,

We Are Ready. over the last few days we have had artists arriving from japan, sweden, canada, and across the US, game boys in hand, ready to take the stage for four blistering nights of lowbit music and video. Did we mention video? good god. we have the most amazing video display unit now installed behind the stage, 13 feet wide, 8 feet tall, 50x20 pixels of pure bright magic ready to deliver nonstop lowbit action during the concerts.

The website is here:

The details are below.

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Glomag [US], Goto80 [SE], Hally [JP],
Kplecraft [JP], Bud Melvin [US], Nullsleep [US],
Pepino [JP], Tristan Perich [US], Portalenz [JP],
Quarta330 [JP], Rabato [ES], Random [SE],
Receptors [US], Saitone [JP], Starpause [US],
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Virt [US], Neil Voss [US], Herbert
Weixelbaum [AT], x|k [US], YMCK [JP]

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The C-Men [NL]
C-TRL Labs [US]
noteNdo [US]
Voltage Controlled [US]
Dan Winckler [US]

_This Spartan Life,_ a talk show in game-space
_We Are The Strange_ exclusive festival preview
_8 Bit,_ a documentary about art and video games
_Super Mario Movie,_ from Cory Arcangel and Paper Rad

Nullsleep: NES Music: From Concept to Cartridge

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cb...where are you?



Blogger CBeezwax said...

MM just left a message on my cellabout 7:55pm saying she was listening to the song on WKDD 98.1 in NEO.


9:12 PM  

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