Tuesday, May 16, 2006


country music lyrics running thru my skull – “I’ll admit that you’re a looker, but you ain’t impressed me yet/I’ll just smoke this beer and drink this cigarette”/PA DRAINAWAY/overdrawn at the Sleep Bank/ten megatons of divorce documents to copypreparegodihatethisshit/song lyrics waaaaaay past deadline (I’m so sorry Vandalism…I have a good idea tho)/mad scramble thru rain rain rain rainy terrain the rain stays mainly in the Pennsylvain vein? there is so much rain 500 miles of RAIN seven hours of White Knuckle Hiway/I have not stopped moving in MONTHS/rehearsal was good but I am so fried I fumbledstumbledgrumbled/I am absolute toast…no…toasted AND buttered/great weekend with The Little Man but he takes his toll too/a friend just told me that hey Mr. Duh, you wanna be in Ohio you are voting with your feetwheels/no I don’t great artyfartyparty at Tracy’s last night I gave ‘em the Vayda story sheepishly they are smart cats & cittens hope they like it I like it/got The Do Ya Project up and out there for the Masses to consume very proud of that most creative thing I’ve done in a long time so hope they like that too/so many projects nibbling at me/ so much RESTLESSNESS so much WANNADO so much AMBITION/but all I wanna do is lie in the crack ya know? with my hunnybunsweetiepie if ya get my drift that’s ‘70’s black slang thank you & goodnight.

NP: Dusty Wright/Giant Fingers/Rebecca Turner (thanks, Scott!)/BBob’s CDR of marching band music (!)/Charlie Chesterman (finally)…well, at least PA is good for catching up on all that missedlistening.


N. B. A T. W. P.: it doesn’t matter…it’s rainin' all over the world…stay home.




Blogger Harvey Gold said...

Catch up Comments:

I went through a period where I forced myself to agree with the fiction that 5 hours of sleep a night was not only adequate, but JUST PERFECT. Admitedly, I was playing this manipulation of brain cells while working my ass off, but I was NOT in my 50s, nor driving 1000 miles of highway every week. Still... the psychology asssociated with resetting what I required was helpful in maintaining a sunnier disposition, aka less homicidal.

The roller coaster thread is wonderful.Excellent writing, my friend.

Congrats on the Exploding Song podcast.

Presuming you'll make it there, kiss Bianca for us on the 20th.

How do I get Lane's record?

Is 2.0 doing well?

12:23 PM  
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