Wednesday, July 19, 2006


i am a summer person. all the other seasons have their charms, but i thrive when the thermometer passes 72, and absolutely flourish when the outside air matches my body temp (i'm one of those 97 degree heat-haters get a degree or two break with me). i love the slipperysweat when the world slows down to a New Orleans 2nd line shuffle tempo...when a cold glass of water after stickysleazysex is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.

summers in Ohio were/are fantastic...searing heat cut with violent thunderstorms...bipolar weather that keeps you guessing re: shorts?/parka?/umbrella?/waders?/scuba gear?/nude?. and growing up poor meant i had no air conditioning - an experience that makes me good in Europe/contemptuous of folks who don't like to sweat/appreciative of motel rooms equipped with same. summers in NYC are equally extreme...the city gives off so much heat that little micro-weather cells form almost neighborhood-by-neighborhood (a pocket of rain over Weehawken, but Manhattan between 34th and 42nd is a egg-fry-on-sidewalk-griddle-hot).

air con also has another thing against it for me. i've always lived in apartments here, and if by chance they'd come with A.C., i had to contend with the gag-inducing olfactory presence of the previous renters entire smell-o-rama because nobody ever cleans these damn machines. on West 11th, the previous tenants were Latino, so flipping on the A.C. filled the place with the smell of roast pig/cigars/King Pine disinfectant. Baltic St. in Brooklyn gave me a tour of PCP-dosed pot/incense/fried brown rice. but Adams St. in Hoboken was the shit/baby shit....and the most noxious and impossible-to-get-out-of-your-clothes stink:

Old Lady.

NP: "Cowabunga!"/surf compilation courtesy of new roomie. boning up for the gig this coming Friday at the Lime Spider in Akron with Purple k'niF!

PEEVE DE JOUR: mad day in NYC...brutal heat/only a brief dinner with IOJ and Jr.


(July 19th)

Chocolate Malted™


Heath Bar™

cb...where are you?

PENISYLVANIA (travel day)


Blogger Lane Steinberg said...

Summer bakes my brain. Summer turns me primal. Summer stunts my growth. Summer makes me tired. Summer scares me. Summer costs too much damn money.

11:22 PM  
Blogger mr blur said...

We just got our first car with A/C. Fucking weird stuff, though welcome as Crips Die In Hot Cars.

Not natural, though, so feels really strange to me but then I'm English so I'm not really comfortable with anything that makes everyday life more bearable in any way.

6:06 PM  
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