Monday, November 06, 2006






NP: Top Pennsylvania plays:

- a rap song that Hornsby's "The River" - really good work, with the standout line "i never done a crime i didn't have to commit..."

- Will Rigby/"Go Away, Go Away". my new favorite song. and "The Sweetest Thing" also kills me

- NRBQ/"I Want You Bad"

- The Black Keys on NPR

- DJ BG's comp of Clay Ground favorites. nice memories. also, her comp of The Office - the Chicago band, ntot the TV show.

- New Sugarland song. don't know what it is since they don't back announce anymore...but i LOVE Jennifer Nettles. serious twang on that girl

- AC/DC/'Rock Me All Night Long"

- Jack Kidney's CD. man, can that cat play

- Disk 2 of the "Kowabunga" surf compilation

- MARVIN GAYE/"Ain't That Peculiar" wanted The Waitresses to cover this, since you had to do a Motown song to have any chance of a hit in the UK at the time. Patty passed. that's show biz...

JOIE DE JOUR: IOJ's kind words and support.

cb...where are you?



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