Tuesday, October 31, 2006


a 10-hour Halloween/House-Warming Party at Dun Giggen last Saturday.

long overdue.

much revelry.

much ribs.

Mark Price!

thank you all for coming.

New Years, anyone?

CB & Nikki Kitti.

a dish with a dish with a dish looking on.

Eric & Dawn doo the boo.

Parizade, Marti Jones & two Black-Eyed Peas.

Don Dixon performs 'Bip Leaning Into The Wind".

Dawn, Nikki & Roger Bob after an hour in the bedroom. hmm.


RogerBob shows us where he stands.

Ed Sawan & Parizade.

Shane Dixon

luv dem ribs.

Salvador Butli - "Butli does not take drugs...Butli IS the drug".

SS-H rox out.

SS-H again...incognito.

more of Robin's great pix.

Happy feet.

how high is high?

musos in the kitchen...leaning left.

and while we were Halloweening - Steve Masucci (guitarist for The Lost Patrol, knowledgable gear restorer, fulltime human & major pal) sent me a pic of his 'costume":

NP: "Gray Gardens" - the doc by the Maysles on TCM. two women in a haunted house...haunted by them. damn, what a powerful work of art - can't believe i'd never seen it.

PEEVE DE JOUR: putting IOJ on a plane.

JOIE DE JOUR: $5 flix day + free pop corn at The Cedar-Lee. saw The Last King of Scotland & Shortbus.

GOTH-TUME DE JOUR: one more for Halloween -


Chocolate Chip Pecan

cb...where are you?



Anonymous Jake said...

OMG!!! Parizade and Eddie Swann! I haven't seen either one for 20+ years--he looks like John Martyn/John Fahey/Rob Reiner, and she looks exactly like she did 20 years ago. Must be those regal Persian genes.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Jake said...

Oops, meant Sawan. Sorry ES.

9:44 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

oops on me too...sorry Ed.


9:02 AM  
Anonymous rickdailey said...

I finally got it! You were the bastard love-child of Salvador Dali and Hugh Hefner!

7:00 PM  

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