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from KA in the UK:


Departure from the common and boring - Next stop the wild and crazy

For the most part Soviet architecture and design is remembered for its heavy block buildings and functionally Spartan designs. Its overpowering desire for conformity left little room for individual creative freedom. A notable exceptions to this is in the transportation sector. One can admire this creativity in the Metro stations of cities like Moscow and Tashkent where the coldness and sterility of typical soviet urban architecture is abandoned and costs are not spared as creative freedom is unleashed. While many of us are aware of the elaborate splendor of the Moscow underground, it is easy to overlook the phenomenon of the common roadside bus stop as an example of soviet art and design letting loose and becoming a little weird and crazy.

The roadside bus stop serves a simple purpose – to show where the bus will stop and to provide some comfort and shelter for waiting passengers. One would think that the Soviets would have come up with one universal design for this community structure – simple, functional and cheap to mass produce. However, in many instances this was not the case, much time, effort and imagination went into many roadside bus stops. The sky was the limit with different shapes and design– blocks, domes, columns, towers, A-frames and archways, even ones shaped like birds, yurts and hats. If the bus stop was less bold and daring with its architectural design then the creators would often attract attention with decorating the structure with murals or mosaics. The themes that these decorated bus stops took usually varied depending on the region, often reflecting the local culture, history, or industries.

Sadly, with the breakup of the Soviet Union many of the bus stops are quickly deteriorating from their original glory. That being said some local communities have recognized the local treasures as worthy of preserving and have maintained and repainted them. They will appear in the most unlikely places – sometimes in the middle of the desert, steppe or countryside, sometimes with no homes in sight. They will make you wonder why and they will make you smile. The following collection of images was taken during 2002 and 2006, starting with a cycling trip through the Baltic countries to St. Petersburg and followed by several road trips around Central Asia.

Christopher Herwig Photography

NP: Dots Will Echo/wonderful new CD given to me at Maxwell's on Saturday. one of my favorite musicians, favorite people and favorite ideabounceroffer. you're right,'s great!

PEEVE DE JOUR: 1) happy yesyougotdumpedayearago anniversay. 2) anybody got $20k??

JOIE DE JOUR: WG gave me a copy of her Mad Magazine book!


Night owl performance
Brian Dewan sings from 11pm - midnight
On Rubulad's Cabaret stage

Friday, January 19th, 2007
338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee

Directions and complete description of Rubulad event below:

Rubulad Presents: Laundry Day!

A mis-matched sock hop* in which we wear our last, weirdest left-over clothing

live music by:

Jollyship the Whizbang (with puppets)
Inner Princess (with special Circus Amok Band guests)
Fur Cups for Teeth
and DJ / Sound God Kris Anton

with DJs brought to you by Small Change
DJ Farika
DJ Collective All-Stars (four-way tag team madness
with Kingfish, DJ
Needles, Scribe and Jon Oliver)
DJ Salty
Ted Schred
Nappy G
Small Change
and more!

On the Cabaret Stage
Brian Dewan
Zef Noi$e
Touching You / Christopher X. Brodeur
Mikey IQ Jones
with MC / DJ Aaroneous

Light Circus of Norm Francoeur
Sweets by Brownie Points
Food by Vicious Delicious
Starlight Lounge w/ tent
Laundry Line Exchange (bring an item / take an item line – clothespins provided)

Dress: silly – grannie panties, roller curlers, hideous housecoats, the works

10:00 pm doors; 11:00 show; 10 beans

Rubulad Home Base: 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee L train to Bedford Avenue > B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing Ave (10 mins) > left under BQE > Rubulad's on your right just past the gas station *OR* J / M / Z to Marcy Ave > walk along BQE > left under BQE at Flushing.

Or G Train to Flushing and follow address numbers.

Note: The B61 bus runs from Greenpoint to Red Hook through Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 bus will take you to and from Bushwick, fast.

It all comes out in the wash!

You can help us continue to have a Rubulad in this space by being quiet coming and going, staying inside the space during the event and not pissing all over the sidewalk as soon as you getaround the corner, which, incidentally, does attract the police and they will write you a summons.

The less our neighbors have to complain about, the more fun we can have.

FYI, the Idiotarod is just around the corner. Go to for more info.

*Don't actually come in your socks, though

cb...where are you?



Blogger mr blur said...

The bus shelters are fabulous - imagine coming across one "in the middle of the desert". Actually, from my small provincial neighbourhood, it's a stretch to imagine getting a bus across a desert. But I'd like to.

3:30 AM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

yeah...tres fab. i like the one where the pony is waiting for the 8:13 to Tashkent!


11:22 AM  

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