Thursday, May 03, 2007



thru speakers, i can clearly hear the words "right here", "get set" & "point", but "fire" is fuzzy...

then i put on headphones...

anybody else care to comment?

for example, GVC writes:

"I don't mean to sound dumb but is the point here that the tape is the ONLY proof that there was an order to fire? Is there no footage that shows what many of us saw including myself? Of course there was an order. They lined up. The officer in the gas mask stood to one side of the line and he brought down his arm is a referee type "play ball" motion and they all shot together."


personally, i hope we finally get those bastards. they turned as a group...this is clear in the films, as well as my own recollection.



Blogger ncghost said...

I was in the third grade. My teacher, Mrs. Rosoff was late to school and we had no teacher. When she showed up, she was flush and told the class that she was driving to school and heard about the shooting on the radio. She thought she heard the announcer say, 'Penn State' where her daughter went, and she became hysterical. She finally calmed down and made it to school. I can't imagine having witnessed this. You must have thought the world had gone fucking mad.

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