Wednesday, November 28, 2007


- MAJOR PROPS go out to Peter and all the elves at SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP who placed "Christmas Wrapping" in the new "Shrek The Halls" animated holiday special - big holiday thanks!

Premiers TONIGHT at 8pm on ABC.

- Marko writes: "I played it (by request) at 1:52 this afternoon (Dec. 6th) on WCNI in New London, CT. "

- BILL HUBAY who emailed: "Song heard at Barnes and Noble on Chagrin Blvd in Woodmere. Sat Nov 24,2007 @ noon."

- CLAUDIA CHOPEK who called in before Thanksgiving about the Q104 play. always ahead of the curve, CC!

NP: scroll down to the middle of the page and click on "VIDEO" for Wunder Gurl's clip!

Researchers have known for years that listening to music can lead to some great health benefits. And it's not just for people...even your plants can get something out of it. Fact is, experiments have shown that plants grow faster when music, especially lower-frequency music, is played over fields or into greenhouses. But don't take our word for it...try talking to Maria Reidelbach from Kerhonkson, New York. She never intended to be interested in growing vegetables. Her expertise is actually in mini-golf! So much so, that she wrote the definitive book on mini-golf courses across America. But then she came up with the idea to save her friend's family farm by using her knowledge to create a totally different kind of roadside attraction. Aside from showing her visitors a good time, she's also introducing them to foods they've never tried before, as well as the importance of local agriculture. By the way, that huge gnome that you see in the video has a name - it's Gnome Chomsky. He was built as a tribute to Frieda Carter, who designed the first mini-golf course in 1928 on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. Visit Maria's web site, Read an article about him entitled, Kerhonkson gnome pursues Guinness record.

PEEVE DE JOUR: the older i get, the dumber i get. thought i was supposed to get smarter?

JOIE DE JOUR: sunshine.


riday November 30

Purple K'nif play Maximum Surf and Hard Twang Instrumentals at

The Lakeside Lounge 162 Avenue B (between 10th & 11th), NYC 212-529-8463
No Cover, No Vocals, one set only starting about 10:45


Ted Lawrence, electric guitar
Chris Butler, acoustic drums
Johnny Teagle, electric guitar
Baker Rorick, Fender bass

hope you can make it!

cb...where are you?



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