Wednesday, October 17, 2007


of course, he's crooked...he's a lawyer!


The Lawn Lawyer!

Conceived and Fabricated by

Chris Butler & Maria Reidelbach

Summer, '07

i've had this ideaimage for ages. i've always been very offended by the racist lawn jockeys i'd see on rich white folk's lawns - the real evil ones are called "jockos" and look like this:

...and so I swore that one day, i'd make a lawn ornament that was a white guy...just to even the score a little. first thing was to get some general idea of what this guy should look like, so i posed thusly:

photo: Annalee van Kleeck!

Bill started out as a conventional, concrete Cavalier Spirit lawn jockey. i found him behind the counter at a Clevo garden store (Al Parker - thanks for the tip!), and he kinda looked like this:

with lots of sculpting help from Maria, he began to be transformed:

a lawyer needs a briefcase:

..and VOILA!

* get it? Bill Abel Aurers = "billable hours"!

NP: i found this old CD of Who singles (i know, i know...), but i have been playing "I Can't Explain" endlessly. it is a perfect record.

my car is in the shop...third day.

JOIE DE JOUR: scallops for dinner! and it's my Lil Bro's birthday!

cb...where are you?



Blogger CBeezwax said...

wellll...I think it's funny.


11:03 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

I got a feeling inside... it's a certain kind... I feel hot and cold... aw down in my soul, yeah...

I'm feelin' good now yeah but!

4:54 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

yeah, it really holds up! taught/angular/coolcoolcool

Rick 12-string thru a Fender Pro head X 4 x 12 Marshall cabinet)/Ludwig Supraphonic snare/Nicky Hopkins on piano/ the Ivy League (or the Becker Sisters?) on back-up vocals/handclaps AND maraccas/Shel Talmy/IBC Studios/Jimmy Page supposedly on their somewhere, too.

damn, i say...damn!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully executed CB. Proving once again that artists can be artisans.

you frickin rock suckah mc

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Radish Spirit said...

I live in south Texas and you would not believe how many racist lawn ornaments that I see(mostly in rural white communties)Mostly depicting a sleeping Mexican with an oversized sombrero. I'm white and I find them very offensive. Since there is a huge Hispanic population down here I think it would be great if someone marketed to Hispanics lawn ornaments depicting white trash pregnant women wearing Daisy Dukes and a tube top with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a 24 oz beer inside a paper bag in her hand or maybe a overweight white trash guy bending over to pick up his spilled beer can and his but crack is showing.

2:16 PM  

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