Sunday, May 04, 2008


as Gerry Casale once was the most DEVO of days.

from the Kent list:

From: "Saul Daniels"
Date: Fri May 2, 2008 5:40:18 AM US/Eastern
Subject: KSU / Stater / Burr / WKSU
Hello all,

So here we are, 38 years out from May 4, 1970, and still no resolution. The website established in connection with our 2000 gathering continues to collect and post new information.

This week we have an exclusive posting of a new FBI letter proclaiming ..."We consider the matter closed."
Once again the FBI has slammed the door any any further investigation of the events of that awful day.

It came in response to a plea by private citizen and former KSU student Joe Sima who has been researching the actions of FBI informant Terry Norman on campus. Sima provided members of Congress and the FBI with evidence, including outtakes from WKYC video, which raises questions of official culpability in the events of that day. It has been widely known that Norman was armed on May 4 and there is evidence his pistol was fired. So just how involved were undercover officers and possible agent-provocateur Terry Norman?

For those who may have missed the announcement, there will be a reunion for all media graduates at Franklin Hall on May 23 and 24. Franklin Hall is the new high-tech home of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. It includes a converged newsroom for the Stater, TV-2 and Black Squirrel Radio (WKSU). The old Stater newsroom in Taylor Hall is becoming a May 4 museum.

For details on the reunion, visit,contact or call 330-672-8281. The RSVP deadline is May 14.

Best wishes,
Saul Daniels
KSU 1966-1970

PS: Please feel free to forward this message to any former KSU-ers who have new addresses and may have fallen off my email list.


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