Monday, May 04, 2009


cb...where are you?

standing in the exact spot
where i stood
39 years ago
at Kent State University
in the Prentice Hall Parking Lot
when the Ohio National Guard opened fire.

UPDATE 5/7/09

you know...just paused for a few seconds and looked at that picture above.

yes, the lens distorts the depth of field some, but the interesting thing is how far away the parking lot is from the pogoda (and where the guard stood...the pic is from their location/perspective).

all four students who were killed were in the parking lot = 2-300 feet away. the guard sez they fired because the felt in danger/in a life-threatening situation: wouldn't it follow that the dead would be closer?...that the people who were endangering them would be 10-20-30 feet away vs. a football field away? it has been documented that
there were very few people that close to the guard. in the picture above, there is only a thin swath of gray asphalt parking lot visible under the right branches of the brown tree in the middle of the picture.

therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that - when the guard turned (as a group....which they did & as if acting under an order to fire) - they aimed at & shot blindly into a crowd in a parking lot 2-300 feet away.

that is not how people act in a 'life-threatening situation'/in self-defense.


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