Thursday, March 23, 2006



PENNcilneck/fucking I-80 never gonna be finished/scrap metal scrap metal! in the middle of the roadway/swervy truckers high on god knows what crankycracky/"World's Worst Apple Pie" and proud of it/the Lar d'Ass family at the Iron Skillet buffet daintylyeversodaintyly picking thru the piles of fried chicken for that perfect piece to stuffbonesandall into their drooling gobs/detours that strand a thousand cars in a cornfield everyone scratching their heads whathefuck?/Arlen Spector/Rick Santorum/anti a woman's right to anything/Iron City beer headache-in-a-can/goddam Steelers/Three Mile Island/long long miles and miles of long/Brenda my fav waitress at Milesburg finally gets fired for telling people that the corn sidedish sucks*/back and forth i go just like a Duncan yo-yo/Hamburger Highway during deer season the poor dears are spooked onto the roadway and splat! Bambi King/freak ice storms on a clear night 300 cars slide off into the median strip it takes 5 hours for a salt truck to come and then they kick us all off at an exit that was only a 1/4 of a mile away!/sweetsexy Narayi busting her butt to stay sane in Slippery Rock whan she is sssssoooooooooooooo not made for there/another detour to nowhere road is two lane paved then one lane paved then dirt then no road in the woods at night i had just seen Blair Witch omigod what can i burn for heat my drums?/forth and back forth and back/hellhead due to OOMA u knuckleheadgurl i exist and i mean you no harm/almost 60k mile on a car that ain't even 3 years old/SLVAIN-SYVAIN-IA

...but then there's Falling Water.


*UPDATE: as of my last trip back to Ohiya, Brenda is back at the Milesburg Buckhorn, dishing up sarcasm & confrontational humor. she is a performance artist, and makes those truckers first go huh? then smile. she makes the drive dealwithable. i love you, Brenda...and yes, the corn sidedish does truly suck.

NP - "Stand-Ins For Decibels"/a dB's tribute record i play on



Anonymous ralph said...

you nailed it brutha!!!! you is a poet and I think you aughta(is that correct?) know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The circle of beloved-cult-figure-degrees-of-separation is complete: Butler serves as audience at Wreckless Eric/Amy Rigby gig, goes home, listens to db's covers record on which he plays, which db's contained Will Rigby,which Will Rigby is the ex of Amy Rigby. And we haven't even covered the Stiff Records connections. The celestial orb, upon realization of this confluence, bursts into flames.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous giff said...

sorry ... anonymous is me ... Giffels ... I need blog school.

3:12 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

Giff - no lessons cracked the code!


11:34 PM  
Anonymous jake said...

You could always head out I-78, take a nice southerly drive down 202 into PA and stay overnight in DOYLESTOWN, then take the much nicer PA Turnpike in the a.m. You'd even get fed, maybe catch a band in New Hope, and get to borrow an EZ-Pass for the toll plazas.

But NO, you need to suffer for your art.

12:33 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...'re right. i should consider this...but it's the two day drive that i can't afford/have the until the perfect the Star Trek Transporter and sell 'em at Sears, I-80 it is...

10:28 PM  

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