Tuesday, April 25, 2006


- where i get to play culturevultureweathervane and tip y'all off to cool creative stuff in the Akro/Clevo/Hobo area.

so i won't bore you 'bout how i know this guy...but i do enjoy his company & his work -
toss in a little Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, season with sardonicarsenic, baste with vitriol and serve with a side of The Truth. i am an Ace Crank...but he is the Five Star General...and now other folks recognize it, too:

"Cartoon Winner: "The City" by John Backderf is a courageous editorial cartoon that pushes the boundaries of societal institutions. The RFK Cartoon Judges comment, "Derf aggressively attacks the institutions, ideologies and attitudes that create an environment for the continuing oppression and exploitation of the powerless. His outrage is directed not just at the cynicism and hypocrisy of the powerful but at the complicity of all of us who remain docile and passive subjects."

Nicknamed the "Poor Man's Pulitzer", the RFK Journalism Award is given annually to honor professional and student journalists, photographers and cartoonists who prod our consciousness and bring attention to the lives of the disadvantaged throughout the world."

CONGRATULATIONS! - but this means you'll have to go to Washington DC for the awards dinner...and shake hands with President Pitiful. hmmmmmm....

link to all the awards: http://www.rfkmemorial.org

(aside: hey all you New Yorkers - Derf's strip will be in The Village Voice, so you too can share the curmudgeonry)

link: http://www.derfcity.com/

NP: The Who/"In The City" (who needs The Jam???)

PEEVE DE JOUR: The O.O.M.A. actually thinks that I’m still gonna chase her/gonna stick around for very much longer?

N.B.A.T.W.P.: Glenn Mercer & Vinny DeNunzio
(formerly of the Feelies): performing Live @ the Hoboken Art & Music Festival on Sunday, May 7th, 2006 @ 1:00pm on the Main Stage by City Hall.

Performing with Adam Berardo (guitarist), Bob Torsello (bassist) & Dave Weckerman (percussion) playing old Feelie favorites and new tunes from Glenn's upcoming solo CD.

Glenn Mercer is the former leader of the influential, Hoboken-based, alternative band, the FEELIES. Their debut album, “Crazy Rhythms,” was voted in the top 50 albums of the 80’s by Rolling Stone magazine and chosen by Spin Magazine as one of the best Alternative albums. Other critical acclaim included a feature in Time magazine. The Feelies performed on the David Letterman Show and on Broadway and in concerts with Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan.

Glenn’s music has been featured in the films Married to the Mob, Something Wild, Prelude to a Kiss, the Truth About Charlie and the Squid & the Whale. Glenn’s television credits include Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five and the Real World. He has recorded with the Trypes, Yung Wu, the Willies and Wake Ooloo and is currently recording his first solo record.

Vinny DeNunzio has been an influential drummer in the NJ/NY area for 30 years. First appearing on the scene in 1976 with the FEELIES, where he first met Glenn Mercer. Later joining ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd and recording the album “Alchemy” for Elektra records in 1979. Touring with Richard Hell & the Void Oids during the 80’s. From 1991 to 2001 he played drum & sang with James Mastro (Bongos) in the Health & Happiness Show. He has also worked with Butch Hancock (Texas singer/songwriter), Garland Jeffreys, Ivan Julian (ex-Void Oid & the Outsets), Certain General and the Washington Squares. Opening up for many diverse artists over the years such as Patti Smith, Sam & Dave, Wilco and Johnny Cash.


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