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i once saw a Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas with a bumper sticker that read:

"...but when it runs, ahhhh!"

...which pretty well sums up the psychosexualwhatevero urges that these vehicles stimulate. can't help it...good industrial design makes me HOT, and these are some of the best pieces of Drivable Art i've seen over the years. i 'fess that it's a silly obsession, since they are as high maintenance as most truly beautiful things...and also as unattainable.

but...damn!...or rather, ahhhh!

the absolute shit: a Bugatti T57 SC Atlantique, 1937. orginally built of magnesium so it was riveted togther vs. welded (poof)...hence the 'seam' running down its dorsal spine. there was a Bugatti exhibit a few years ago that i saw three different times in three different places around the world...and they let you sit in this car. sorry about the stain on the seat...

1937 boat-tail Auburn Speedster

'34 Chrysler Airflow. train by Henry Dreyfus (?).

saw this Aston-Martin DB5 near Hyde Park, London a few years ago. t'was a curious brownish-greenish-browngreen. fine.

'70's E-1800 Volvo = two-seater version. not particularly fast, but absolute sculpture. that's right...VOLVO!

'70's ES-1800 = station wagon version of the above. so cool...

my number one gottahaveonebeforeidie = a Citroen DS21 Palas - the name is also a pun on the French pronunciation of the letters 'd' and 's' = "day-ess" = "Diesse" = "goddess" in French. ain't wrong.

a '50's Vincent Hoboken, of all places...

the guy also had a Vincent Gray Ghost. the bike had two rear sprockets: one for racing, the other for the street, so you could ride it home afterwards. drool.

found this Morgan dealership in LA - man, there were like 30 of these lovelies...

1970 TRIUMPH TR6 - god, i want this bike...found it on Craig's List just the other day..

NP: Kraftwerk/"The Man-Machine"

PEEVE DE JOUR: still driving a station wagon with 60k miles on it. harumph.

N.B.A.T.W.P.: one of my favorite NYC boites...

- is located at 376 9th St. at the corner of 6th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
7th Ave. stop on the F train. 718-965-9177

ALL EVENTS FREE unless otherwise noted - tho we do suggest a minimum donation of $8

Sat 04/15

6:00pm - Writing students from Sarah Lawrence and Pratt read their best one-page stories,
hosted by Nelly Reifler.

8:00pm - MICHAEL LEVITON. A solo show by the Chet Baker of the Ukulele who has a new CD
coming out:

10:00pm - BROOK'S QAWWALI PARTY. Inspired by recordings of the late great Sufi singer
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Brook Martinez founded Brook's Qawwali Party in 2004 as
an experiment. What would happen if New York jazz musicians were to play and
improvise around the melodies of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? From this idea, Brook's
Qawwali Party was born. BQP consists of fourteen musicians: five horns, three
percussionists, guitar, acoustic bass, harmonium and three designated clappers.
The exuberant sound of BQP has been enthusiastically welcomed in New York City
and across the globe.


Blogger Harvey Gold said...

Sue Schmidt had a Citroen. I liked the fact that it had the hydrolic up/down feature and wondered, truly, why she was driving this thing… No, really.

And why do we always see pictures of TR-6’s without a small pooling of oil underneath them. The pic must be taken very quickly, I guess.

Don’t despair. You’re not driving JUST a station wagon with 60K. You’re driving a really well designed European made vehicle with a Turbo that can take you on your East Coast/ North Coast commute safely, comfortably, haul your way cool gear, handle the mileage, not hurt your back or chew your kidneys, with heated seats, mirrors, wiper washing nozzle, sweet stereo, AND can do so very quickly if and when you fancy I-80 the Pennsylvania Autobahn. One doesn’t need a sporty shirt, sporty coat, sporty car, sporty girl, AND sporty talk all at once to be sporty,any more than one needs French Fries AND French dressing to be adequately French... though I guess it does help if one is ever to be Robert Culp in his prime. Truly something to aspire to.

Gotta go buy new tennis whites.

5:54 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

[sporty girl]

oh...need that yes we do!


7:47 PM  
Blogger Harvey Gold said...

yeah... yer right about that. Got a sporty girl and well... yer pretty damned sporty at that point!!! can sit around with your sporty girl in your sporty pad on your sporty couch and just LOOK at the sporty cars... as long as you're wearing your tennis whites, have a highball in your hand, and a smoke sizzlin' in that sporty ashtray we got ya.

1:22 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

'k. i shall hereafter only be referred to as Sport.

8:02 AM  

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