Monday, April 24, 2006

MONDAY MEDS: Cyclonic Reaction/PART 3

- another installment chronicling my banged-up bod.

in this case, how i busted my back on Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster and became instantly old.

so i had made it (crumpled and in absolute agony) to D & H's house in Carroll Gardens...only to have had their baby-sitter slam the door in my face.

i pounded on the door and she said she was going to call the cops. "fine", i shouted thru the closed door. "then i'll just have to explain it to them that i used to live here, that D & R are old friends...and you will feel like a perfect idiot. or you can call D's office, ask him if he knows me...and you can avoid all sorts of embarrassment."

i had D's business card with me, which i pulled out of my wallet and held up to the door's window.

"just a minute," she said after giving the card a thorough examination.

(telephone mumbling on the other side of the door)

(it's only a sprain. it's only a sprain)

...and then she cautiously opened the door, and finally let me in. "D. will be home in a while...he said you could lie down on the couch.

…and i stayed there for about 3 hours (an interesting definition of 'a while').

i was in so much pain. i tried every possible position on the couch, but nothing seemed to help for more than a few minutes...then i'd have to shift again. i talked and talked to the baby-sitter, trying to ease her still raging suspicions, but the longer it took D to get home, the more nervous she became. i did convince her to call my Dr., who was conveniently unavailable...but was assured that his partner - Dr. M. - would ring back as soon as he was finished with a patient.

meanwhile, D finally arrived, and immediately gave me a huge pile of ibuprophen to chew on. now, the things you should know about D is that 1) he is extremely intelligent, 2) he is an attorney and 3) at the time, he was an attorney for the City of New York ( a fact that will become very important anon). as i told him my sad tale of woe, his expression changed from concern to lawyerly skepticism...and he began to question me with what i sensed were mixed emotions. before i could ask him about this, Dr. M finally called back. after i told him about my injury (it's only a sprain), he asked "well, do you have any pot?"


...then went on to explain that - tho he certainly couldn't sanction my smoking dope - it has been know to be a good muscle relaxant. after D assured me that the house of an NYC attorney did not double as a drug den, we asked what else we could do? (nb: i still was convinved it was only a sprain, and refused getting my ass to a hospital because i did not have health insurance)

his next suggestion was to try some chiropractory-by-phone. there are pictures (somewhere) of D gently twisting me first to the left and then to the right while craddling the phone under his chin.

...which did absolutely nothing to relieve the pain. so the issue changed to - how do we get this cripple back home to Centerpoint, L.I.? to be honest...i have no recollection of how i got back there - did D give me a ride? did my wife come and pick me up?

dunno...but what i do remember is a last final conversation with D.

to recap:

- i had injured myself on The Cyclone roller coaster at Astroland on Coney Island.
- a private family owns The Cyclone, but the land onwhich the ride resides is owned by the City of New York.
- D is an attorney for the City of New York. he now tells me that he defends the City against negligent lawsuits - injuries incurred on City property

point: i had sought help from the very person who would be sitting across the desk from me if i decided to sue the City of New York for damages!

to be continued...

NP: on something called Radio Nigel

PEEVE DE JOUR: loneliness. no O.O.M.A. again. no good. sucks.

BARBES is located at 376 9th st at the corner of 6th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 7th ave stop on the F train.

718 965 9177 or

Mon 04/24 7:00pm


THE BURKS OF GEORGIA. US. 1976 (53 min) The Maysles clan looks at the Burks clan. A tightly knit family with a strong sense of survival, the Burks live on small plot of land with their 10 children, their spouses and offspring. By David and Albert Maysles.

CHIEFS. US. 1968. (18 min). This short covers a police chiefs convention in Hawaii. Directed by Richard Leackock.

Mon 04/24 - An evening curated by Julianne Carney.

AHNFINOD. 9:30pm
Patterns manifest themselves even in chaos, creating structures. The resulting balance between structure and chaos is the inspiration for Ahnfiod which combines improvised drones, intervals, and sounds provided by Lathan Hardy (saxophone) & Julianne Carney (violin) with projected visual imagery of four Brooklyn artists, presented by Willy Devlin.

Named for 19th century biologist/philosopher/illustrator ernst haeckel, "haeckel's dream" is an existential 1950's-esque psychedelic nature documentary. Ornate jellyfish, tumbling and turning amongst undulating seaweed in tidepools on the coast of maine, live and die at the mercy of the wind and tide. Shot on B&W Super 8. 8 min. By alyce santoro. Live soundtrack + added and subtracted prerecorded loops: Alyce Santoro, Loops; Lathan Hardy, Saxophone; Julianne Carney, Violin; & Shara Worden on waterbowls, wine glasses, and other shimmery objects.

IRON DOG - 11:00pm
The duo of Sarah Bernstein on violin and Stuart Popejoy on bass unifies improvisation with composition, electric with acoustic, noise with note, trance with edge. Stuart Popejoy works regularly in African, reggae/dub, and heavy metal contexts, while Sarah Bernstein performs as a violinist and vocalist in rock, jazz, Cuban, and new music ensembles.


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