Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bLiTzScReEd WeDnEsDaY!

(a smattering of coolfun stuff i've received thru the week)

- from KA in the UK - "Dance, Monkey, Dance":

also "Kirk Cameron: The Banana & Creationism":

- from Michael in Union City (rhymes with monkey, anyway):

- from NCSP! in LA. "I'm The Decider" re: President Chimp:

- from BG in Lakewood. her neighbor likes to drag it up's a Clevo thing, B's & G's (no monkey reference...'cept DF in her later years was a tad simian):

- from Ray in Hobo. his new internet radio station is 100% film scores (including 'Planet of The Apes'?):


- from DG at the ABJ, on the rise of 'grups' (zero monkey connection):

- from Lane in NYC (better & more refined than "an infinite number of monkeys banging on an infinite number of pianos will eventually write Beethoven's 9th Symphony"):


Musical DNA

Which came first: Language or Music? We're still not sure, but now we'll ponder what comes next. Producer Jonathan Mitchell brings us a piece about David Cope, the composer and professor at UC Santa Cruz, who cured his artist’s block by writing a computer program to do the dirtywork for him. His program, named EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence), deconstructs the works of great composers, finding patterns within the voice leading of their compositions, and then creates brain new compositions based on the patterns she finds. But it's not just copy and paste. She brings something new to the pieces. Drift along to the eerily enchanting music of EMI Mahler and ask yourself this: What would Mahler think of an EMI Mahler score? Brillant music? A forgery?

Listen to show about this:

Listen/download "new" Bach, Mahler, etc. mp3's:

NP: David Bartholomew/"The Monkey Speaks His Mind" and/or DEVO/"Jocko Homo"

PEEVE DE JOUR: being incredibly stoopid re: what i post in this section of this blog.

N.B.A.T.W.P.: Tin Huey gig at The Lime Spider in Akron this Sat., April 29th (more on this tomorrow).




The Canton Symphony Orchestra Chorus
Kent State University Women's Chorus
Kent State University Chorale
Kent State University Chorus
The Wayne Center for the Arts Bel Canto Children's Chorus, in partnership with Tri-County Educational Service Center

...and Rick Dailey in a tux!



Umstattd Performing Arts Hall
2323 17th St. Nw Canton, OH 44708



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Re. the Banana nonsense - you'll want to watch from about 3:30 to 4:45. Watching this whole thing will rot your brain and make you lose the will to live.

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