Friday, April 14, 2006


- where i get to play culturevultureweathervane and tip y'all off to cool creative stuff in the Akro/Clevo/Hobo area.

The Voice of Freedom in the German Night on Radio Wave 29.8, 1937

...or CALI/Getty Museum/LA. look, i know it's not Tuesday but i missed last Tuesday so as far as i'm's Tuesday.

...which means it's all about belief...which brings me to this guy = the master of using imagery to (hopefully) shape ideas/reality/history.


i love advertising/propaganda/agitprop/propagit...anything that bends ideas/bends people's ideas about how the world is.

the last time i was this flippin'buggin' about some art was seeing the Rodshenko exhibit at MOMA in '98. Soviet social realism = graphics in service of the Big Idea/Naive Idea that - could be better/life gets better when we all have a collective delusion that it CAN get better.

now here's a guy that made images a zillion times more powerful and artfulartfulartful than RedRod ever came up with. with JH, you get the power of struggle against a monstrous evil/national-scale ignorance/internationalgreedvenalality and desperation if we don't win. with Rod, you more pigs for the glory of the Fatherland.


"Heartfield was always swift. His reactions were so spontaneous that they got the better of him...if an idea struck, he would leap into the air. He uttered his sentences vehemently as if attacking you...he would angrily hum around you like a wasp" - Elias Canetti

now that's an artist.

Whoever Reads Bourgeois Newspapers Becomes Blind and Deaf: Away with These Stultifying Bandages!, 1930

props & much credit to Ebeth for turning me on to this guy...


NP: The Colbert Report - a rerun, but that's still beats anything else on The Box right now.

PEEVE DE JOUR: reruns...


A Moth Alum: Barry Gibbs tells his story at

Framed by the Mafia Cops
at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
899 10th Avenue
New York City

Tuesday, April 25

Light refreshments will be provided

Louis Eppolito, the detective who framed Barry Gibbs (as told in his recent Moth story about serving 19 years of a 20 to life sentence before being exonerated), was found guilty of eight counts of murder on April 6.


Blogger Harvey Gold said...

Some great liks/referals, cb. But I do have to say that the pic of the guy attributed to the quote, "Whoever Reads Bourgeois Newspapers Becomes Blind and Deaf: Away with These Stultifying Bandages!"
looks a lot like the Beast in Pulp Fiction before he had Zed ("Zed's Dead, baby") to buy him real leather.

Notwithstanding my flippant (yet butt accurate) comparison, as if made by one of the unwashed rabble (also butt accurate),pretty compelling stuff, m'boy.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please ask Mr. Gibbs about his jail house bragging that was testified to at his trial. The feds tried to force that witness to change his story, but the witness would not give in to pressure as the other witness did. Mr. Gibbs did do the crime and is benifiting from the feds going after the two cops.

1:48 PM  

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