Tuesday, May 30, 2006


DUN GIGGEN/Bath, OH/backyard/May 29th, 2006/explodingveridianloveliness that even i can't kill/junglelushmagichoodoothatdoesthisallonitsown...

NP: WRUW/"The Spandex Years" '80's show archive off the web

PEEVE DE JOUR: leaving tomorrow w/all the usual regrets, missed hook-ups...AND only got to Rosati's three times:

this place makes the absolute best frozen custard i've ever had = the Berthillon of Brecksville! two other locations in NEO: http://www.rosatisfrozencustard.com/

see a happy customer: http://flickr.com/photos/11805524@N00/156163157/

N. B. A T. W. P.: Back in the 90s, Gil Shuster organized these amazing concerts in his backyard in Brooklyn. He called them Brooklyn Woodstock and great bands would play all day and raise money for AIDs Research.

Now, about 10 years after the last Brooklyn Woodstock was held, the event is returning to Gil's backyard on June 10--this time to raise money for breast cancer research--in memory of our wonderful friend Wendy Geffin.

Life In A Blender and many other great bands are playing. See the attached poster and hope to see you there.




Blogger The Dollimama said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures of your greenery! Wow, your yard just exploded...

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