Thursday, July 20, 2006

SURF'S UP! - and now we are three...



207 S. MAIN ST.




hyper-surf rock from Clevo...just ask Dick Dale!

10 pm

Johnny Teagle: '50's Gretsch 6120 (Walking Clampetts, Lucky Tigers)
Ted Lawrence: '62 Fender Jazzmaster (Supertones, The Human Tornados)
Baker Rorick: '64 Fender Precision Bass (Cool It Reba, The Baxters)
Chris Butler: Premier Drums (Tin Huey, Half Cleveland, The Waitresses) our first area appearance since...well, since we were all born here.

we've been doing this surf band since '92 in the NYC area, and thought it was finally time to bring our brand of Hard Twang home for a show.

- and -


my NYC pal Steve Massuci brings his "Fellini Beach Party" band for their first Ohio show, too. think Spaghetti Western/Dreamscape/reverb-drenched lusciousness...

NP: "Cowabunga!"/surf comp courtesy of new roomie MB

PEEVE DE JOUR: the restaurants close too early in Akron...a person could starve here...

JOIE DE JOUR: Dun Giggen survived the recent storms. got some yardwork to do, but that's a pleasure...


(July 20th)

Peach Melba
(Peach Custard with Raspberries)

cb...where are you?


(drive thru PA was actually pleasant this near-death experiences. but $60 in gas, tho. thank you President Stemcellresearchvetoerstoopidchristianasshole.)

from TR in Union City:

Eggs: One. Evacuees: Zero.
Phil Lebovits

George W. Bush loves unfertilized, unformed human eggs. If you've got an undifferentiated cell or two and could possibly become a human being despite odds against it of 10-billion to one, our brave Chief Egg-ecutive will be there for you. Heck, he'll fly all the way from Russia so he can protect anything that calls a Petrie dish “home.”

However, if you happen to be a fully-formed human being with billions of functioning cells and luggage hoping to leave Lebanon before your legs are blown off, you gotta wait in line. For days. Maybe a week.

It's not that George Bush doesn't love the evacuees. He does. But he loves those soon-to-be-discarded eggies much much more.

Logic dictates that if you're an egg stuck in Beirut, you probably could get out of Lebanon within hours. A very tiny ship, the size of a thimble, would pick you up for free and treat you to a fun-filled voyage to Cypress. Maybe you could get a massage. And a martini. A passing sperm whale might even wave at you.

The mistake that most Americans hoping to get out of Beirut are making is that they're not eggs. Nor are they willing to become eggs. What a blunder! Had they paid any attention to our President over the past five-plus years, they'd have known that traveling and living overseas is dangerous for life-sized people. These inattentive multi-celled fools are now paying the price for their folly. Let them stew on the docks of Tripoli. They're getting what they deserve.

Back at home, thousands of oocytes and their allies screamed “Oh Oh!” when talk of expanding stem-cell research echoed through the halls of Congress. George W. Bush, his ear tightly placed against the buttocks of Christian conservatives, heard their tiny little screams and, with great fanfare, vetoed a bill that would have killed the helpless little yokels.

Unlike those fancy “scientists,” and “doctors,” and “researchers,” our wise President understands that eggs will always trump people. Eggs can't investigate illegal wiretaps against American citizens. Eggs can't point a finger at the civil war that's raging in Iraq. And most importantly, eggs can't say s*** at G-8 conferences.

One day, when those eggs never grow up and never become anything, their supporters can proudly point to the hour when George Bush stood up against that self-serving cabal of Alzheimer's patients, diabetes sufferers, and severed spinal cord victims, and wielded his first veto.

One day, when those intrepid eggs just keep sitting there and never take the SATs or never try to feel up Maggie at the senior prom, we as Americans can tell our children of the day when our courageous President took on the forces of evil, of those who dare to make life better for the living.

And one day, when all Americansw are evacuated out of Lebanon, we can greet their return to our shores with well-deserved disdain and indifference.

Because they're not eggs. Damn them all.

Phil Lebovits is a writer in New York City and has many many cells.


Blogger bginley said...

tour reservations at falling water ? and I"M A PAIN IN THE ASS ? gag...

10:04 AM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

didn't go.


still got the tix...


1:46 AM  
Blogger mr blur said...

Well, I guess that's one that little Georgie didn't win for the Gipper...

9:21 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

PEEVE DE JOUR: the restaurants close too early in Akron...a person could starve here...

What, they closed Luigi's? Used to be open until 4.

10:08 AM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

Luigi's was open, but i'm out in Bath, and after an 8 hour drive, that was the " 'strant too far".


11:20 AM  
Blogger The Dollimama said...

GREAT great show! We loved it...and are already looking forward to the SECOND annual Lake Erie Surf Guitar Festival! Thanks for putting it together! D+H

12:14 PM  
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