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i don't own any Mosrites. Steve does, and swears there is a magic/mystery in them.

won't own these either, but jeez..

Simply put, these are three of the most important and significant guitars ever offered for sale. They are a triumvirate; a guitar, a bass guitar and a 12 string guitar; also a triumvirate of value - as art, vintage guitars, and as celebrity owned instruments. We start at the begining. These guitars were custom made for the band the Strawberry Alarm Clocks by Semie Mosely of Mosrite fame. They were designed to look like a surf-board styled guitars. Then, after they were custom made, they were sent by Semie to the shop of the reknowed pinstripe artist VON DUTCH. Recently one of Von Dutch's paint boxes sold for over $300,000 at RM Auctions. Von Dutch is considered one of the icons of California culture - and his artwork on these guitars is emblematic of his importance as a painter. Finally, these guitars were owned and used by the famous rock band STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK - best known for their seminal 1960's psychedelic anthem "Incense and Peppermints".

The band was pictured playing these guitars and I am told that they were filmed playing them for a movie. But since they were not using the guitars exclusively, Mr Mosely asked for their return and the band agreeed and did so. Mosely had them until his untimely demise and then noted collector Scott Chinery purchased themin the early 1990's. They became an important part of the Chinery Collection - and are pictured in the book "The Chinery Collection; 150 years of American Guitars". These guitars were thereafter purchased by the owner of E*Guitars in 2003, who purchased the Chinery Collection in its entirety. The buyer of these guitars will be presented with a certificate of Provenance stating that the guitars were a part of the Chinery Collection. The guitars are also pictured in the book: VON DUTCH is STILL ALIVE! a 2006 book on Mr. Von Dutch by Bob Burns. The guitars also come with their original cases (a bit rough though they are).

In respect of the guitars, they are all 3 fully original and have no cracks, repairs or modifications. A few dings are evident - but overall they are superb in condition and even play and sound great!

Please feel free to call us to discuss these icons of American Art. They are a true celebrations of all three realms - Art, Guitars, and Celebrity Iconiclasts. But remember, these guitars, once sold may not be offered for sale in our lifetime........ Bid on these items not in conceit, but in humility. They are worthy.

from sirlordsoul, spotted on ebay:

NP: NPR/Beethoven's 5th, Philadelphia Orchestra, 2005 BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall. POW! that's a great band.

PEEVE DE JOUR: the PA drive is really starting to get to me. the women issues are also getting to me. hell...everything is getting to me...

JOIE DE JOUR; after a zillion trips, found another decent place to eat. that makes 2. The Power House in White Haven would be the third, but they ain't open for lunch.


(Sept. 9th)

Cashew Crunch


Thursday August 24, 2006 – NEW YORK
Join Giant Step family and friends in a benefit concert for longtime friend and supporter, Tom Terrell on Monday, September 11th at Canal Room.

A DC native and Ft. Greene veteran Tom Terrell has been in the music industry mix since the early 80s. Among many contributions, Tom has served as Publicity Manager for Verve Records, NPR Commentator, liner note writer and contributor to Global Rhythms, Jazziz, Vibe, Trace and Essence, DJ at DC’s 9:30 Club and Alt Rock Champions WHFS-FM.

This past summer Tom was diagnosed with cancer, and is without health insurance. As a result, artists whom Tom has influenced over the years and vice versa including, Meshell Ndegeocello, Angelique Kidjo, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, Marc Anthony Thompson, Vernon Reid + many more with special unannounced guests, have gathered together to bring this worthy fundraiser to fruition. Encompassing the myriad of sounds that Tom Terrell embraces, this one-of-a-kind event is a loving shout-out to a creative catalyst, tireless fan and resident of Planet Rock!

Monday, September 11
Giant Step Presents:
An Esoteric Night – A Benefit Concert for Tom Terrell
@ Canal Room, NYC

$20 LIMITED Advance Tickets are available at

For those that can not attend, but would still like to donate,
Checks and Money Orders (NO CASH) can be sent to:

The Tom Terrell Benefit Fund
c/o Dr. Bevadine Z. Terrell
1893 Otis Street NE
Washington, DC 20018

100% of the proceeds will go to the Tom Terrell Benefit Fund.

Contact: Mimi Lin
Director of Event Marketing & Production
t. 212.219.3567 x. 225
f. 212.226.3747

cb...where are you?



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