Wednesday, May 16, 2007


(from MP in Sarasota)


- all-time favorite thing to do = put a map in my back pocket, then wander aimlessly in Paris.

- went to a rock festival in Biot in 1970. the promoter ran off with the dough, and the kids rioted. they don't play there.

- staying w/pals Babette & Henri Vosch in Tourette-sur-Loup.

- camping out with LS on Canal St. Martin.

- skiing on Bastille Day in Tigne.

- swimming at Cannes, and seeing this Aryan couple in matching leopard skin swimwear cut thru the darkswarthyfrenchitalians and then disappear into the sea.

- driving the Corniche d'Or in a Renault 5 drunk on champagne and managing not to kill myself.

- best ice cream i have ever had...double dark chocolate gelato on the beach at Saint-Tropez.

- seeing a medieval Christian church carved out of a chaulk cave because the church was banned and had to go underground...literally.

- lunch on LS's farm in the Dordogne in mid-November.

- hitch-hiking from Nice to Monte Carlo...and getting a ride in a Lamborghini Countach.

- attending MIDEM when i had the Number One single.

- hanging out at the house in Cap Ferrat where the Rolling Stones recorded Exile On Mainstreet

- having Simone's mom make us ratatouille.

- taking the TGV to anywhere. and/or Le Tran Bleu to Nice.

- Nice in general

- staring up at the Eiffel Tower for hours on end with nothing else to do but stare up at the Eiffel Tower for hours on end.

- lunch in a Lyon park...simple, raw peasant food but, good.

...i could go on and on.

NP: Jacques Tati's "Mon Oncle"

PEEVE DE JOUR: il fait froid...

JOIE DE JOUR: ...mais, il fait am going to see the Monet exhibit at Clevo Muso of Art


Bordeaux Cherie

(Bordeaux cherries & chocolate chips in vanilla custard)


RBW writes:

You are invited !

I am the curator of a small cool space in SlaviC Village called 5700.

Tomorrow we are having an artist's reception - FRIDAY NITE
how ? where ? when ? free drink & Snacks ?

THe Info :

Paintings by local artist William Gould
(works on Exhibit : April 1 - May 31, 2007)

ARTist's Reception: FRIDAY, MAY 18 from 6 - 8 pm
Please join us for an opportunity to meet the artist,
see the works and snack on some great eats

Where : Art in the Village - 5700 Gallery @
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland
5700 Broadway, Slavic Village, Cleveland, Ohio 44127

William Gould is nationally recognized professional in architecture, urban design and land use planning. He is currently principal-in-charge of Urban Renewal Planning; including Slum & Blight Evaluations for the city of Lorain, Ohio. He founded Artspace, an organization making downtown spaces affordable studios for artists to live/work. His studios are located within the 1400 Boxtop Building in Midtown where he lives with his wife Harriet Gould.

The series of works on display at AIV 5700 Gallery are reflections of the region's cityscapes. An artist working in the city, Gould captures familiar scenes and sites while injecting color and vibrancy into his pieces. Many of the works reflect neighborhoods, churches and unique viewpoints rich in community from within sections of Cleveland.

cb...ou est vous?



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