Monday, May 12, 2008

BOSTON LEGAL the subplots can be silly, but when they get it right - wow.

hear James Spader plead his case to The Supreme Court:

NP: The Atlantics/"The Crusher"...back on youtube!

PEEVE DE JOUR: so let me tell ya a little story. almost TWO YEARS AGO, Raised By Wolves calls in a panic...her house is being repossessedforcloseduponlost, and she needs a place to part her large paintings...and pronto. nevermind that i was unceremoniously disposed of/that she is a walking disaster area/that she has more loose screws than Home Depot's hardware aisle...Good Guy Chris sez sure, you can park 'em at Dun Giggen.

but then the months drag on, countless dates to move them are broken, an outside hidden key making for 24-hour access never gets used, etc..

i can't in good conscience just toss 'em (which i am repeatedly told to do by people who actually care something about me), my requests for them to be removed are met by her calling me an 'ass' & by my being told that i was being 'dramatic', etc..

...and here they sit.

and here i sit feeling like a fool.


anyone want 'em?...'cause Mondays are trash days in Bath.

JOIE DE JOUR: still all aglow from Accra Shepp's reading & last night's dinner w/ Felix and Risa...all new pals thanks to WG = The Best!



cb...where are you?



Anonymous rd said...

And since Monday is a holiday with no trash collection my guess is that you are subconsciously trying to justify hanging on to the paintings even longer.

6:40 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said... may be right, Sigmund!!

cb (a/k/a Chump Boy)

8:54 AM  

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