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no getting around it.

i have now joined the ranks of the living fossils.

so excuse me if lately i am 100% preoccupied with the past.


Caroljean (nee Raymond?) '40's


By Deb Guziak | Record-Courier | October 12, 2008 |Kent, OH

"They served lots of love and grease," said Pat Garrison of Kent as she stood looking at the remains of Jerry's Diner.

It was a sentiment shared by many who attended the last cookout at Jerry's Diner Saturday.
The diner, located at the corner of South Water and Erie streets, will be auctioned off by the end of the month. It has stood vacant for more than 10 years as fire almost destroyed it. The cookout was held behind the diner.

"Grease fires were a problem with the grills," said Linda Nay Smith, whose father, Bill Nay, brought the railcar to the site in 1945. He then added storage, an office, bathroom and kitchen onto the diner. It was first called "Bill's Diner." As it changed hands, it also would be known as Jerry's Diner, Terry's Diner and simply the Diner.

In 1949, Nay also built the "Diner Liner," which was located at the other end of the block. Today, it is the site of Kline-Kavali Plumbing & Heating Inc. Nay operated both diners at the same time.
"They should break it into pieces and sell them," Anne Stesny of Kent said of the diner. She said she didn't eat there, but her mother, Irene Upner, had been a daytime waitress at the diner.

Dave Hinzel of Virginia peered into the glass window of the diner -- the only window not covered with graying sheets of plywood. Through the window, one could see the oak paneled counter front and charred wall studs.

"It got me through finals," he said of the diner. "I'd go there at 2, 3 in the morning and have a hamburger and greasy french fries." Hinzel, who attended Kent State University from 1970 to 1973, said he hopes the diner will be restored.

So does Smith.

The city of Kent has purchase the land on which the diner sits -- part of a land acquisition needed for a development project. When officials starting getting calls from people interested in the diner, it was decided the diner will be auctioned.

One of those interested in restoring the diner is Mike Zenone of North Olmsted. A self-described "diner nut," Zenone said he and a friend have workshops to do the renovation, but not the land to house the diner. He wants to restore the diner and find someone who would give it a home and use it as a diner.

A small percentage of the diner -- Zenone estimates 10 to 15 percent -- can be saved. The rest is too damaged to restore.

"You can make a replica, but it's not the same," he said. "An original means a lot more."


attn: Mike Zenone,

Glad to hear someone bought Jerry's Diner and hopes to restore it! I don't think it is possible to OVERSTATE the importance of Jerry's Diner in the culture of Kent State/Downtown Kent Ohio in terms of art/music/politics/socialnetworking. And I have a PhD in Social Psychology and spent 12 years in Kent (1973 - 1984) so I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

In fact, Jerry's Diner may have been the single most important DINER FOR FOSTERING CREATIVE CULTURE in the United States. There is an important diner in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, that has played a proud similar role in UMichigan/AnnArbor street culture...but Ann Arbor never produced innovative music, art and street-culture like Kent-Ohio did during the 70s & 80s (it set itself up as a "judge & jury" of hip culture and art--e.g., Ann Arbor Film Festival--not a producer).

To help you in your search for great stories about Jerry's Diner, I have taken the liberty of posting the following note on my FACEBOOK page:

Allen Bukoff Mike Zenone ( recently bought Jerry’s Diner (Kent-Ohio), dismantled it, and moved the pieces to Cleveland for future restoration. Yeah! He wants to hear your stories. Email him.

Here's one of mine: Grilled WAITRESSES postcards at (idea for grilling postcards came from Robert Crise, Jr./Crazy Bob).

Keep us all posted and let us know when Jerry's Diner has risen from the ashes, again.

Allen Bukoff
recent work
professional shit

DEAL DE JOUR 1: actually, kind of astounding = a G. G. Allin bobble-head doll.


buy Jeffery Dahmer's childhood home.


also where he killed his first victim.

really really.

JOIE DE JOUR: down to a few smokes a day (well into my second month)/running/practicing/planning a fun summer...not shabby.


Anton Karas...then and then-er.

"The Third Man" is still my all-time favorite movie (thanks Jan Sneum, for turning me on to it, and to RD in Akron for the URL's): to The Who, none better ever. i mean...their stuff is consistently brilliant.

as young art-punks:

Andy bails, and the band will tour no more.



(Pecans, coconut, caramel in chocolate custard)


HG in Akron writes:


Friday June 19th, HAMELL ON TRIAL is doing a PRIVATE HOUSE CONCERT at Kris and Gayle Carter's in Highland Square. 7:30 PM. I don't know if you've heard or seen this guy, but he's brilliant. His two biggest influences are probably The Clash and Bill Hicks. Seriously folks!!! You REALLY want to see this guy play. He's just sooooo smart and clever! He's also very sweet, so will be great to meet ... and his road guy owns Hueys records, so...?

ONLY 50 Tix are available at $15./ so I'd cough up fast. Just contact kris :

Hope to see you there!!!

Harv and Dolli

cb...where are you?



Anonymous krissy said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! I have meant to write you a proper letter for years, but never have. So, I will say this in case I never do. The Waitresses had a major influence on me when I was in high school and growing up in Ventura, Ca. The words you wrote were one of the first bits of feminism that I understood and it changed me for the better. I still sing No Guilt and Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful when I need to feel independent and triumphant. Thanks so much!

p.s. Did you know Colnl Sanders was 65 when he started KFC

3:10 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

yes...and after he sold the formula, he disavowed any association w/ the company = said they were serving slop!

point: i've got the curmudge part, need something to market!

thanks for your comment, tho. glad to have had a positive effect on you.



9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, Happy Birthday! Was just thinking about you, and wikipedia told me you turned 60!

I am well and living in LA, married with baby on the way. Long cry from 1998, yes, you helped with your donation and I have been the comeback kid ever since.

Steve Dansiger

11:43 AM  

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