Tuesday, December 01, 2009

...and we have a WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS to Officer Jeff Stewart of the Garfield, NJ police department.

sittin' in Charlie Bloods last night (you've REALLY gotta go to this amazing restaurant), it was brought to my attention that Z-100 played Christmas Wrapping yesterday morning (at around 8:50am).

Officer Stewart will get $100 donated in his name to The Hoboken Library's Childrens Book Fund.

RUNNER-UP: Bill Hubay heard it on December 1st @ 5:30pm at Skyline Chili in Lyndhurst, OH.


- James MacMillan writes:

First European report?

Christmas Wrapping was heard in the restaurant "De Halve Maan" in Amsterdam on Dec 13 at 18:15

Another $5 for the library?

to which i replied:

J -


...and there by establishing a new tradition....the $5 James MacMillan Tip!!!

thanks so much for the email.

best/miss you...


- Matty Karas writes:
"i assume i'm waaaaay too late, but just in case, 3:47 p.m.
today, friday 12/4,
picking up a late lunch at fresh on
seventh ave and 30th st., "xmas wrapping"
came over the
in-store p.a. it was my first for 2009. i'm not even sure
the xmas
wrapping trainspotting game still exists, and if
it does still exist, i imagine
someone else heard it back
around halloween, but anyway, just in case, there you

go, and i wanted to write anyway to say it was great to
see you a couple weeks
ago at bowery electric."
- WFMU's Ol' Pal Irwin Chusid emailed me on Friday, Dec. 4th at 10:18am that the song is playing on DeepIntoMusic.net.

happy holidays, everybody!

CHARLIE BLOOD'S: http://www.charliebloods.com/



thanks to Chelsea Peters for this.

The Who (at The Monterrey Pop Festival)/"Summertime Blues". all you ever need to know to be convinced that rock 'n' roll is all you ever need to know.

busted snare drum, busted mic, guitar banged out-of-tune = not bad for the 2nd song of the set...magnificent!