Friday, June 30, 2006


at Musica/Mocha Maiden...

As part of Nantucket Nights
the summer charity music festival series held in the Akron Historic District

Chris Butler (Tin Huey, The Waitresses)
Harvey Gold (Tin Huey)
Debbie Smith (Chi-Pig)
'Bongo' Bob Ethington (Tin Huey, Unit 5)
... and as always... the threat of a guest sit-in!

Playing material from their NEW CD!

All the way from Chicago!

Directions to Musica

From the North: Rt. 8
Exit at OH 59/Perkins Ave. Turn right on Perkins. Turn left on N. High. Turn right on E. Market Street. You'll find the Musica and Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

From the West: I-76
Take I-76 W. turns into 77 North. Take the Main St. Downtown Exit 22A. Turn left on E. Market St. You'll find the Musica and Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

From the South: I-77
Take 59 East, Exit 21C. Turn right on N. High St. Turn right on E. Market Street. You'll find Musica and The Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

Convenient paid public
FREE AFTER 6PM parking is located directly across the street at the Parking Deck on the corner of High St. and E. Market.
Valet parking is available from 10am - 11pm.

HALF CLEVELAND is also playing IN NYC AND BEAUTIFUL JERSEY the weekend of the end of July 28. Mpore details to follow. Hope to seeya there.


Da Halves

NP: Patrick Sweeney/"C'mon, C'mere", this guy is the proverbial shit!

PEEVE DE JOUR: am ramping up for a heavy work cycle, but just found out i need shoulder surgery. i have NO time for a fucking injury...


(June 30th)


cb...where are you?


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


this is my work-a-day 1964 1/2 Vox AC30 T guitar amplifier (i have two..the '62 mintmuseum one NEVER sees daylight). it is the best guitar amp i have ever heard.

i spent years developing my one single musical talent - i could make any electric guitar sound like suck. one day in the '80's, i was in a studio demonstrating my skill at this when the engineer suggested that i try an amp that was parked over in the corner....a hammered, old AC30 that had been dropped so hard once that it now had a 30 degree list to port. i plugged into this ugly trapezoid thing and...ummmm...golden tones came out and i was hooked. i spent a good part of the late '80's going to England, buying AC30's and evangelizingselling them to friends (Freedy Johnston, Chris Whitley were happy customers). they were cheap & plentiful then, and as yet undiscovered by the Guitarilati/vintage gear investors...and every single one was claimed by the sellers to have been owned by the Beatles ("me kid was in 'amburg in '61...'is amp blow up, so he borrowed one off The Beatles'...they never took it back").

after removing 40+ years of bad UK maintenance (thank you Roy Goode & Matt Wells), adding a Top Boost circuit to the vib/trem channel instead of the usual Brilliant channel (thank you Bruce Bennett & Matt Wells again), i had an extraordinary tool for recording and gigs.

but it's as heavy as a Fender Twin, and so i decided to look into adding some trolley wheels to make schlepping it around easier. problem: getting the wheels was no problem (North Coast Music makes quality repros), but where to drill the holes? i had no template to follow. one day i was looking inside the back with a flashlight, and the right angle of light revealed that there were 4 tiny pilot holes already drilled into the amp's sides at the factory, as guides should the amp's purchaser want to add wheels at a later date.

epiphany: "they" really DON'T make 'em like they used to...or more accurately, 40+ years ago some underpaid, anonymous geezer at Vox took that little extra step in the manufacturing processes to add pilot holes. Can you imagine that happening today? not likely, some bean counter would bug about the extra expense/lost production time/fuck the customer anyway...

thank you, anonymous factory person...your foresight is much appreciated.

NP: archived Erie Effusion show on the web. thanks for playing my song

PEEVE DE JOUR: horny. and wasting two hours of my life that i'll never get back last night on the Prairie Home Companion movie. a pointless exercize in pointlessness.


Nine Inch Nails/Bauhaus
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Tue, Jun 27, 2006 07:00 PM

i've got rehearsal tonight. would've really liked to see this...'bout time i heardsawfilled this hole in my musical edumacation...


(June 27th)

German Chocolate Cake

(Pecans, coconut, caramel in chocolate custard)

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Friday, June 23, 2006


- is the greatest band that has ever walked the earth. i will wax literary on 'em at a later date...but for now:

Premier has reissued the Pictures of Lily kit (well...sort of):

RECENT SHOW REVIEW:,,1800529,00.html

Times Online/June 22, 2006

Townshend withdraws 'ill-advised' teen sex story
By Times Online and agencies

Rocker Pete Townshend was today forced to pull the plug on a short story he posted on the internet featuring graphic teen sex.

After sparking fury from children's charities, the 61-year-old Who guitarist removed the story, admitting "this was probably an ill-advised thing for me to do".

Townshend is still on the sex offenders register after being cautioned for child pornography three years ago.

The story, called The Comedian, which appeared on his official website, graphically describes sex between a 16-year-old boy and girl.

Townshend was arrested in 2003 as part of Operation Ore, which investigated child porn sites. He was placed on the sex offenders register for five years.

He denied being a paedophile, claiming he visited a site to research his autobiography.

He told the Daily Mail: "I've taken down my story. I want to make it clear that I respect the requirements of the sex offenders register without condition."

A message on Townshend's official website reads: "I'm afraid I have had to end this Blog. I'm so sorry for those of you who were beginning to enjoy it, but it has upset certain people, and I sincerely do not wish to offend anyone."

Tink Palmer, of children's charity Stop It Now!, said: "Bearing in mind that he is on the sex offenders register and received a caution, it is most ill-advised, especially considering the popularity of his music and the fact lots of people look up to him."
i've got a board tape of The Who doing 'I Saw Her Standing There'

PEEVE DE JOUR: (______)


Saturday, June 24th 12pm-12am
The Who Are All Right: A Flee Tribute
Skipper's Smokehouse:

Subject: The Who Tribute for WMNF

I just watched the rehersal for Tommy--all I can say is you have to see this. You'll never see the Who do Tommy--but you can see the Vodkanauts and 8 guest singers do it at the tribute to the Who

WMNF and 25 of the Bay Area's best bands celebrate the bombastic and iconoclastic music and spirit of the Who with a day-long tribute on Saturday, June 24, 2006 from noon to midnight. Each band or solo performer will do their interpretations of three classic Who songs each.

In addition to each artist doing three songs by the Who there will be three special performances at “The Who Are Alright.”

1.) “Substitute” electricity for acoustics during the acoustic afternoon set. For two hours about 4-6pm see musicians interpret songs by the Who acoustically.

2.) "See them, feel them...." At the end of the night the grand finale will a re-creation of the classic rock opera Tommy, with Tampa Bay's best surf/lounge/rock band, the Vodkanauts, backing up singers such as Ed Woltil, Ken Logan, Brian Merrill, Steven Tanner, Freight Train Annie, Steve Alex, Jonathan Harrison and Ricky Wilcox.

3.) “Anyway, anyhow, anywhere…”—from 1 to 2 pm WMNF will hold an open mic for Tampa Bay’s best emerging talent—any solo artist can show up and perform one Who song. There will be time for about 10 performers so anyone interested should get there early and sign up.

Tickets are $12 in advance for adults.

The kids are alright - kids under 12 get in free to this family-friendly event.

(June 23rd)

Mudd Pie
(Coffee custard, Oreo – chocolate swirl)

(June 24th)

Cocont Cream Pie

cb...where are you?

"...chaos reigns in my Rael"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

bLiTzScReEd WeDnEsDaY!

(a smattering of stuff i've received thru the week)


- from Lane in NYC: "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by Bush


- from HG in Akron: "Buck Owens Tribute"


- Allen Bukoff in his Birthday Suit:


I turned 55 today. I thought if I did something risque like make Janice take a picture of me naked, I would feel younger. Can't say that it worked but you still get the picture. Your lucky day.


- also from Lane: forget Hendrix...


- from Bianca Bob (re: my post of 6/12)

"saw your knee blog post....
and dunno, couldn't help it...
but that shot of your banged up body
made me think of animals it looked like....
perhaps others see the same thing? perhaps there's a contest in this
count the animals in your kneecap?
anyway,here's a couple of animals your kneecap reminded me of...."

baboon knee ( kneeboon)

hippo knee ( kneepo)

manateeknee ( manatee)


- DG from the ABJ: "Cleveland's Screaming" movie trailer


- more Jim Flora images from Irwin in Hoboken:

"Making a Piece of Excitement". Today, some long-unseen 1952 Flora illustrations from 'Coda' - the Columbia Records new release monthly:

NP: WNYC broadcasting a committee hearing on why NYC doesn't have any 'cultural icons', and thus is not entitled to full funding by DHS.

PEEVE DE JOUR: First Official Day of Summer and i've got the heat on...





cb...where are you?

PENNS-WILL-MAIM-YA (travel day)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ol’ Pal Irwin Chusid was guest poster on Leif Peng’s blog (, which is dedicated to illustration from the ‘40’s & ‘50’s.

James (Jim) Flora was one of the defining stylists of 1940s and '50s American commercial art. He concocted dozens of diabolic and hallucinatory record album covers for Columbia and RCA Victor jazz artists. His designs pulsed with angular hepcats bearing funnel-tapered noses and shark-fin chins, who fingered cockeyed pianos and honked lollipop-hued horns. Any vacant real estate was temporary, as Flora cluttered available space with geometric doo-dads floating willy-nilly like a kindergarten toy room gone anti-gravitational. He wreaked havoc with the laws of physics, conjuring up fragmented torsos, levitating instruments, and wobbly dimensional perspectives. His musician portraits were raucous and undignified, featuring piss-takes on such legends as Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, and Gene Krupa. Flora once said he "could not do likenesses"--so he conjured outlandish caricatures. Oh--and he was color-blind, which might explain why his subjects' faces were purple, green, or bedspread-patterned.

From 1960 on, Flora made a solid living illustrating for dozens of popular magazines and newspapers. He also authored and illustrated 17 children's books, earning a devoted young following. By that point his work had softened, losing its monstrous flair, which made him even more in demand (i.e., safer, more mainstream) as a commercial artist. It is Flora's edgy, early work that led Barbara Economon and me to undertake a series of books chronicling his first 20 years as a working artist. Vintage Flora album covers fetch beaucoup bucks on eBay. (The original art no longer exists.) His Pete Jolly Duo EP cover is one of the rarest of such artifacts. In fact, it has NEVER turned up on eBay. It was featured in our first book, The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora.

info on Irwin's book:

Title: The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora
Author: Irwin Chusid Published by Fantagraphics Books Designed by Laura Lindgren Image Restoration by Barbara Economon Format: 11" x 10" soft cover with flaps 180 pages, full-color ISBN: 1-56097-600-4 List Price: $28.95 Publication: Fall 2004 E-mail:

Tris McCall/"I'm Assuming You're All In Bands"...writing the review today.

PEEVE DE JOUR: what part of ''you were dumped six months ago'' do you not understand??



FRIDAY, JUNE 30th at Musica/Mocha Maiden...Only $5

As part of Nantucket Nights the summer charity music festival series held in the Akron Historic District


Chris Butler (Tin Huey, The Waitresses)
Harvey Gold (Tin Huey)
Debbie Smith (Chi-Pig)
'Bongo' Bob Ethington (Tin Huey, Unit 5)
... and as always... the threat of a guest sit-in!

Playing material from their NEW CD!

All the way from Chicago!

Directions to Musica

From the North: Rt. 8
Exit at OH 59/Perkins Ave. Turn right on Perkins. Turn left on N. High. Turn right on E. Market Street. You'll find the Musica and Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

From the West: I-76
Take I-76 W. turns into 77 North. Take the Main St. Downtown Exit 22A. Turn left on E. Market St. You'll find the Musica and Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

From the South: I-77
Take 59 East, Exit 21C. Turn right on N. High St. Turn right on E. Market Street. You'll find Musica and The Mocha Maiden immediately on your right on Maiden lane between Crave and Jacob Good.

Convenient paid public parking is located directly across the street at the Parking Deck on the corner of High St. and E. Market. Valet parking is available from 10am - 11pm.

ROSATI'S FLAVOR-OF-THE-DAY: Ice Cream "Sandwich"

cb...where are you?


Monday, June 19, 2006

sivlE evilA

- on the way to Mt. Charleston, NV.

we were the last folks on our block on Ripley Rd. in Clevo to get a television set. my parents 'didn't believe in it' (?)...well, that's what they said anyway. sometimes i'd go over to David Koblitz's house and watch Long John Silver (Robert Newton!...aarrrggghhhh!) , but that was about the sum total of my mass media input ('cept for rock 'n' roll on the radio - i used to listen to Mad Daddy...also against my parent's wishes...they didn't believe in that stuff either). one day, something snapped tho, and this big blond RCA arrived. of course, i could only watch things like the opening of Disneyland...and more Long John Silver.

and then it was September 9th, 1956. Sunday nite. i was deemed old enough to handle Ed Sullivan. Elvis Presley came on and scaredthelivingsexualshit out of every whitegrownup'weclawedourwayoutofthecityforthis?'.

miles of words have been written about this event, and i won't add to them except to say that anyone born after that date has NO IDEA what a bombshell was dropped on the world's culture that night.

we had that TV til '62 - we had moved to suburbia by then, and one of those fantastically violent Clevo thunderstorms burped out a bolt of lightening that hit the antenna while i was watching 'Ruff & Ready" (early Hanna-Barbera cartoon show) and BOOM melted the thing into one big lump of metalglasssmokingwood.

but that tv really first blew up when Elvis was on...and my ears are still ringing.

NP: Radio Nigel/no Elvis...all '80's

PEEVE DE JOUR: having to force yourself to realise that you're never gonna get anythng more out of a relationship than you've already gotten. no matter how much you want more/thinkknow you deserve more...that's it. fini. fin. The Source has run dry.


cb...where are you?


Friday, June 16, 2006



we all know that "Guinness is Good For You" (a/k/a 'liquid bread'), and that when Molly Bloom goes "yes...yes..." she is not admiring her publican's pour. i've only been to Ireland/Dublin once, but i liked the Joycian quotes embedded in the sidewalk in front of sites mentioned in the book.

today's the real day to feel Irish (screw that March holiday where frat boys race to be the first one to puke on your shoes), so tip one for James Joyce's compliplixious nozzle of a stream-of-consciousness novel. in NYC, they read the whole book in one marathon setting - i don't know what they do here in Ohio...shower with Irish Spring? a bowl of Lucky Charms?

Joyce never stopped writing it, you know...a few years ago an edition came out that reproduced his own copy...with an additional 100,000 words he'd scribled in the margins over his lifetime.

[aside: two years ago, when my marriage was breaking apart, i asked the missuz if she'd like to go out for a being Bloom's Day and all. i'll join you in a bit, she said, so i went out alone to a local Irish bar/watched some soccer/she no-showed/i felt absolutely miserable. when i returned to the apartment, the missuz had moved out of our bedroom and taken up residence in her workroom. how sweet. i'm sure there is a choice Gaelic word that would eloquently encapsulate my opinion of her at that moment...but i don't know it.]


NP: The Nairobi Trio (i've got a headache from 7 hours of white-knuckling thru PA)

PEEVE DE JOUR: to read over and over again in a friend's blog that they are in a 'downward spiral' + let me be here for you + no no no/they runaway/they don't somethingidown'tknwowhatthefuck = me getting pissed after months of this = they run even farther away (see! see! i knew you were a jerk!) and still say they are in deep shit. somewhere out there is a smart/talented/sexy woman know...actually wants to LIVE, and not relishingloryingetbackattheworldbybeinga slow suicide. what a waste.

well, i don't do funerals.


my pal Joe McGinty is Mr. Loser...i



June 16, 17

426 Lafayette, NYC

Buy Tickets Here:
Tickets are already going fast!


The Kustard Kings: Joe McGinty, David Terhune, Julian Maile, Clem Waldmann, Eddie Zweiback, Catherine Popper, Mike McGinnis

with: Sean Altman, Connie Petruk, Jennifer Karr (backing vocals)

and guest singers:

June 16: Jed Parish, Amy Miles, Anney Fresh, Julia Greenberg, Lianne Smith, Michal The Girl, Cathy Cervenka, Free To Be Friends (late show), Sara Shaoul (early show), Chris Anderson, Nick Danger, Patti Rothberg, Jana Peri, Victoria Liedtke, Joanna Choy, Mike Fornatale, Natalie Weiss

June 17: Jed Parish, Amy Miles, Ed Rogers, Anney Fresh, Tricia Scotti, Christine Smith, Free To Be Friends (early show), Sara Shaoul (late show), Debby Schwartz, Chris Anderson, Patti Rothberg, Jana Peri, Nick Danger, Lianne Smith, Royce Peterson, Victoria Liedtke, Joanna Choy, Mike Fornatale

Some more singers TBA, also, singers may change without notice.

ROSATI'S FLAVOR-OF-THE-DAY: June 17th: Stawberry Shortcake

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Victor Shreckengost is an industrial designer. he turns 100 later this month. he spent most of his life in Cleveland, designing for Murray (bikes, toys, chairs...anything metal)...

...and teaching art and design at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

he is way cool.

there is a special centennial exhibit of his stuff in 100 galleries around the country.

Elenor Roosevelt wanted a modern design for the White House china...he gave her The Jazz Bowl. still in production.

bet you've seen this before.

'Rain on The Shoreway' - watercolor

more info:

NP: Tris McCall/"I'm Assuming You're All In Bands" = a new cd i get to review. info:

PEEVE DE JOUR: no Boston Legal tonight.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts and Downtown Innovative Community Events (D.I.C.E.) present

Festive Friday and Sidewalk Cinema
-Live Music, 5-7pm
-Downtown Shops and Galleries Open Late
-Sidewalk Cinema, ³The Princess Bride² at 9:00pm

Friday, June 30th, 5:00pm-11:00pm

Home Savings Plaza, Downtown Kent, OH
-corner of Main and Water Streets

Standing Rock Cultural Arts
257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240


Pineapple Coconut

cb...where are you?


Monday, June 12, 2006


- another installment chronicling my banged-up bod.

photo of one ooglee-ass body part: The Dollimoma

in this case, how i sliced my knee up for the glory of rock 'n' roll...

it's like '76 or '77, and i am playing bass in The Numbers Band in Kent, and it's a great gig...but i had also re-hooked-up with Liam Sternberg who i first met in '70 and he and i had gotten it in our heads that all that music coming out of CBGB in NYC was at least matchable by us Buckeyes here in LO-HI-OH. Liam was playing guitar fulltime with an Elvis imitator on the bowling alley lounge circuit, and both of our gigs were our solution as to how to have another band that could play the brilliant/zillion-selling songs we were going to write was to just make 'em up. in a coffee shop in Kent, Liam had come up with the name Jane Eyre and The Belvederes (named after his crapped-out car), and i took the hint from the be-beehived server who was keeping the caffeine coming and named my imaginary band The Waitresses.

so now we needed tunes, and a place to record 'em. the tunes came quick (we are fast/hard-working strivers on a mission), and the recording bit was solved by Liam's friend and co-student in Akron U's Music Compostion class - Rick Dailey. RD of the 8-track Teac. Of the matched pair of Neumann U-87's. Of the infinite patience re: allowing us madmen into his home and letting us realize our visions.

but i lived in Kent, and had no ride...and Liam & RD lived in i was dependent on Liam for transpo (now in his piss-yellow Toyota Corolla...the Belvedere's motor had seized up on I-76...ya gotta put oil in it, LS). one night, mid in the recording process (i think i was working on Clones, and Liam was fleshing-out Yankee Wheels), Liam and i be cruising on Rte. (in Ohio, we pronounce this 'rout' vs. 'root') 261 towards Tallmadge Circle, when we hit the most amazingly thick fog bank i have ever seen. i was sitting in the passenger seat with my knees up on the dashboard, and as Liam and i plotted our plots and planned our plans, we had to go slower...and slower...and sssslllllooooowwwwweeeerrrrrrrr 'cause visibility was Less Than Zero...we literaly could not see more than a foot ahead. no worries, Liam sez - i'll just follow the white line, and back to chattering we go.

we were down to like 5 mph...Liam following the trying/acting as scout tho nothing - no lights no signs no nothing but white white white - was all i could see thru the windshield when BAM! we drop & stop dead. my knees get jammed into the dashboard/Liam's head whipsnaps forward into the steering wheel, and the Toy's engine stalls and we hear the car's frame crack in two. big big pain shoots up from my knees thru my bod/Liam starts cursing in unknown tongues and...

...we find ourselves sitting smack in the middle of an unfinished wedge of concrete at the entrance to Tallmadge Circle. some kind of new construction to guide the entering traffic To The Right. we jump out of the car, crazedidiot yelling what the fuck? no marker lights? no construction barriers? no nothing but a piss-yellow To(taled)yota now sitting about two feet down in the dugout dirt having jumped the triangle's curb. Tallmadge police station is in the middle of the circle, so we cussscreamscramble towards their building ready to reem them out when i start to feel a dampness 'round my left knee. i was wearing these old jeans that were held together with Boy Scout patches and also split down the shin side/tied up with leather boot laces. i unraveled the leather lace and rolled up the pant leg and...found myself staring at this bloody/white thing where my knee was supposed to be. i was looking at the bonewhite of my left kneecap - the impact had peeled back about a three-by-three inch patch of skin as neatly as peeling an orange. i pale and almost faint, but my rage keeps me conscious. the cops call an ambulance and i pass out on the way to the hospital. when i wake up, i am in the welfare ward (The Poor Hippie Pavillion) with 76 stiches...

They give me...Tylenol with codeine (no good dope for cb due to my 'lifestyle choice'), and i am back on stage at JB's (sitting down) with The Numbers Band the next night. the show must go on, you know...

still got those jeans/they still got my blood on 'em...

left knee of hippie pants with rip & blood

NP: The 'mats/Live @ Maxwell's, Hoboken '86:

PEEVE DE JOUR: they are not really contradictions at all - the are ALL TRUE = still not sure what to do...assuming i even still have a choice in the matter, that is.


The Tank
279 Church Street (between white and franklin st)
Saturday, June 17 - 930pm - $6
Modern Day Urban Barbarians- Brooklyn-based effects heavy noise punk duo:

Baylies Band- Riff heavy growling rawk from Massachusetts. think Jesus Lizard, Cows. etc...(featuring bass player from Temple of Bon Matin)

Division of Planes- Dissonant guitar driven post-punk out of Brooklyn:

Social Junk- West Virginian weirdo noise folk trio, music varies from mellow folk balads to thudding noise experiments:

if you are anywhere near Las Vegas, my pal Nikki Corda's Dad (see my April 28th blogpost) has a new musical premiering tonight:

The Asylum Theater Presents:

- an old-fashioned melodrama

June 12-16 @ 8pm
June 17 @ 2pm

Tickets: $20 (opening night/includes reception)
$15 all other performances
(group rates available)

Winchester Cultural Center
3130 S. McLeod Sr.
Las Vegas, NV 89121


cb...where are you?


Sunday, June 11, 2006


this was my President Asshole...

this was Gen X's President Asshole...

this our President Asshole...

enough already.

Event: SDS National Convention
Time: aug4-7
Date: 2006-08-04
Place: University of Illinois at Chicago
Phone: 347.524.5631
Comment: Please register early!

Saturday, June 10, 2006



Benefit Concert for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, in memory of Wendy Geffin.

Great Bands! Live Music All Day! Suggested contribution $20.

Where: 696 E 19th St, Brooklyn. BYOP (Bring your own picnic, and have fun in the sun!) Watermelon, beverages, and water guns provided!

All proceeds benefit the Greater New York City Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. To donate if you cannot attend, please visit

Rain date and more info, contact Gil Shuster at 718-434-0171.

Directions - Subway: Q to Newkirk Ave stop, left at Foster Ave, right at E 19th St to 696 E 19th.

Car: BQE-Prospect Expressway.-Ocean Pkway-left on Foster Ave, Right on E 18th St, Left on Glenwood Road, left on E 19th St. to 696 E 19th (between Glenwood Rd & Foster Ave.)

NP: PURPLE k'niF/Live at Maxwell's...i play drums in this cool surf band that only gigs every few years...getting ready for a show at The Lime Spider in Akron on 7/21. 'fact i'm on my way to rehearsal now

PEEVE DE JOUR: i have to reconcile a mass o' contradictions all swirling around the single fact that this fantastic person i know is actually really, really bad for me. it's friggin' impossible...


June 10th = Orange Dream

cb...where are you?


Friday, June 09, 2006


my pal Richard Lloyd emailed me the following re: his experience on Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster with his son:

The last adult roller coaster ride I had taken was the cyclone, where I had totally fucked up my back in the '80s. But there I was again climbing into one of its tiny crappy dirty cars. Dylan was excited and scared at the same time. So was I. As the car pulled out of the station I decided to try an experiment -- I would pretend that I was in complete control at all times -- that I was making the decisions as to where the roller coaster would go, up, down, side to side -- it was all under my complete command. As the roller coaster climbed up the chain to the top and over starting its freefall I decided that it should go down, and around. I decided that it should slam me from side to side and that I had decided to decide this sadistic turn of events. I kept up this decision-making while my son closed his eyes and made faces of abject terror.

At the end of the ride I stood up. I was astonished that I could stand up. I did that bit -- you know, I shook it off, and I walked down the exit ramp like a bowlegged cowboy. That's when I heard it, that God awful sound -- "Dad, we have to go on it again. Right now!"


Back in the 90s, Gil Shuster organized these amazing concerts in his backyard in Brooklyn. He called them Brooklyn Woodstock and great bands would play all day and raise money for AIDs Research.

Now, about 10 years after the last Brooklyn Woodstock was held, the event is returning to Gil's backyard on June 10--this time to raise money for breast cancer research--in memory of our wonderful friend Wendy Geffin.

Life In A Blender and many other great bands are playing. See the attached poster and hope to see you there.


June 9th = Brownie Batter

cb...where are you?


Wednesday, June 07, 2006



some good Waitresses news. been waiting for this to be!:


At the height of the new wave and punk era, Hurrah's New York nightclub was one of the best places in the city to catch a new act. This compilation of footage from the legendary venue's glory days includes vintage performances by the Go-Go's, the Psychedelic Furs, the Waitresses, the Fleshtones, Public Servants, the Pylons, Buzz and the Flyers, the Lounge Lizards, Liquid Liquid, the Dell Byzanteens and more.

Starring: Psychedelic Furs, The Go-Go's ...
Director: Not Available
Genre: Music & Musicals
Format: Full Screen ...
Language: English

PEEVE DE JOUR: i get happy news like this that i want to share with the world...and fuckin' BLOGGER is down...
Tara Maginnis © 2005

...and any ink is good ink.

111 Worst Songs

AOL Radio (which partners with XM) has a channel playing these songs.

59. Captain And Tennile "Love Will Keep Us Together"
58. Shaggy featuring Ricardo "It Wasn't Me"
57. The Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like"
56. LFO "Summer Girls"
55. Limp Bizkit "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)"

thanx to RD in Akron...

NP: "Lawyers, Guns & Money"/on the soundtrack of Boston Legal (not WZ's version)

PEEVE DE JOUR: ordered a large pizza from Donato's...had to feed four tonight. lesson learned: Ohio's version of a 'large pizza' ain't what i'm used to in Hoboken.

from Amanda Thorpe:


Friday, June 16th Show Marks the Return from Europe
of Both Artists @ 9 P.M. SHARP!

Bedsit Poets' acid folk and shimmery pop music is stamped by
the beautiful and warm harmonies of Amanda Thorpe and Edward Rogers
and the guitar magic of Mac Randall. Imagine Fairport Convention crossed
with Belle and Sebastian, with a touch of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

Joe Hurley is the singer of two New York City bands, Rogue's March
and The Gents. With Rogue's March he has released several critically
acclaimed CDs over the last decade and performed Mainstage on
the Warped Tour and Guinness Fleadhs.

Mo Pitkins
Friday, June 16th @ 9 p.m. $12.00 cover
34 Avenue A (between 2-3 Streets)
advance tickets highly recommended





Monday, June 05, 2006

MONDAY MEDS: Cyclonic Reaction/PART 7

- another installment chronicling my banged-up bod.

in this case, how i busted my back on Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster and became instantly old.


I had been wearing my back brace for about 5 months by now, and the steady achethrob in the middle of my back had shifted from ICAN’TBELIEVEIHAVETODEALWITHTHIS to thisiswhat’day’feelslike. I could not take anymore time off being a lay-around invalid, and had to just go do what needed to be done…which included playing a drum gig at a benefit (NB: a back brace is not an attractive fashion accessory, and will not get you laid). I had started a course of back recovery exercises at the local Y (which I still do to this day), and that had helped some…tho the biggest, most lasting benefit was acquiring a used exercise mat ($5) that I had ‘til I lost it in my divorce.

I had finally managed to extract a pile of relevant information from the NYC Building Department, plus had sussed out the following:

- lots of injuries on The Cyclone, with lots of out-of-court settlements

- one recent death of a drunken jerk who got tossed out on one of the sharper curves ‘cause he decided he could stand up for the entire ride

- another person had been injured on the same day – a woman had her neck wrenched whiplash style, and had gone public with her injury.

I had gone public, too: a well-meaning friend was a reporter on CNBC, and had sold her producer on my story…but when it was broadcast, I just came across as a pitiful loser. Which was fair since I was a pitiful loser…there was no real case here that would interest even the greediest ambulance-chasing shyster.

Finally, after major digging, I had found out the name of the insurance company that covered the ride. The agent I spoke with sounded like he was reading from a prepared script (like a telemarketer) – I imagine they had the rap down, since so many people got banged up on this thing and had to be Dealt With In A Professional Manner:

“Mr. Butler, you…”

a) must have been careless
b) must have had a pre-existing back problem

- if the answer is a):

“You are responsible for your own behavior, and under the Doctrine of Assumed Risk, you waived your right to compensation when you chose to ride the Cyclone full-knowing there was a potential for injury”

- if the answer is b):

“You are responsible for your own behavior, and under the Doctrine of Assumed Risk, you waived your right to compensation when you chose to ride the Cyclone full-knowing there was a potential for injury”

- if the caller becomes indignant/angry/hostile:

“You have our deepest sympathy, but you are responsible for your own behavior, and under the Doctrine of Assumed Risk, you waived your right to compensation when you chose to ride the Cyclone full-knowing there was a potential for injury”

- if the caller threatens to call his mob-connected Uncle Frank and have the agent’s legs broken:

“I understand your frustration, but you are responsible for your own behavior, and under the Doctrine of Assumed Risk, you waived your right to compensation when you chose to ride the Cyclone full-knowing there was a potential for injury”

- if the caller seems honest about their injury, and/or is asking for a minimal amount of compensation and just reimbursement of their medical expenses…and this is at least their 10th call:


…which is what happened, with my signing a release against all future legal action blah-blah-blah.


I am typing this on a Powerbook G4 in a bent-over position. I can do a few sentences at a time, then have to straighten up in my chair to clear the knot that gathers mid-spine. I am an inch-and-a-half shorter. My jacket size has gone from a 36R to a 40, due to my rib cage being pushed forward. I can kill the vibe at parties - when us old farts start talking illness and health issues, no one can top this story.

Oh well…as HG sez…”he who dies with the most anecdotes, wins…”

NP: it doesn't matter...the sound of a heart breaking drowns out eveything else...

PEEVE DE JOUR: Life Rule #36 - Nice guys finish last, because if one is honest about one's vulnerability & fragility, there will always be a woman around who will revel in exploiting it.

N.B.A.T.W.P: from Mike Faloon:

I've got new material and I'd greatly appreciate your
feedback. (High brow version: it's all about the role
that shame plays in my family. Low brow version: it's
all about crap and vomit.) But rather than ask all of
you to come way up here to Brewster, I'm going to come
down your way.

They call it a "reading," and it'll be in
Williamsburg, which is all the rage, and it will be
part of The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, which also
finds itself worthy of "rage" status in certain
circles. The details are below. Good times, no
cover. Join us, won't you?

Hope to see you there,
Mike Faloon

w/Jennifer Whiteford, Daniel Trese, Jeff Cottrill
Tuesday, June 20
Galapagos Art Space
70 North 6th Street

More info at: