Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stolen Gear!


Dinosaur Jr got there trailer got popped and half our gear was taken. If you hear anything, spot an item or two, or could help spread the word it woudl rock!

Listed below is a list of gear that was stolen out of the Dinosaur Jr trailer last night (Tuesday 8.29.06) outside of their hotel in Long Island City, NY. We would appreciate spreading the word and passing this list around in hopes of recovering their gear. Feel free to send this list to any and all band, tour and production managers, guitar freaks, touring personnel, venues, musicians and or thieves that you think could help us.

If anyone has any information about this gear, please call Brian Schwartz at 303.998.0001 or Bart Dahl at 212.777.0922. Thanks


1959 Fender Jazzmaster SN.. 38927.
-decal coming off. cracked headstock at top near low E peg. color black with purple/bluish sparkle coming through. adonized pick guard gold metal. tuneomatic bridge gold, tuning pegs gold.

19 61-3 Fender Jazzmaster SN.. 62012.
-purple sparkle, black pickup covers. headstock repaired, a whole new piece of wood was glued on for the top part of the headstock under the tuners and up a 1/2 , along the whole top of the headstock. gold tuneomatic bridge, gold tuners

1964-5 Fender Jazzmaster SN.. L21581.
-orange, white pearl pickguard, stickers we're all over it, original tuners.

Fender Purple Jazzmaster new SN.. R074329.
-purple sparkle with matching headstock gold adonized guard tuneomatic bridge.

Rory Gallagher Stratocaster new SN.. R25507.
-has a big gold grover tuning peg on low E

Rickenbacker 197? Fireglo Bass SN.. 4001.
-checker-board binding.

B.C. Rich Warlock Bass SN.. 4242413

Custom pedal board with custom audio electronics RS-10 foot controller, Teese RNC2 wah pedal, boss stage tuner, mute box, and cables.

[1] Paiste 20" 2002 medium
[1] Paiste 20" giant beat
[1] Paiste 20" 2002 crash<>[2] Paiste 19" 2002 crash
[2] Paiste 15" 2002 sound edge top hi-hats
[1] 15" 2002 sound edge bottom hi-hats

One Black backpack with Sony headphones, tools, etc.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


- a splattering of clips i've received lately:

- RC from San Francisco sends us:

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (from Clevo!) - the man who started a set by saying "I was so loaded that when I got onstage, I was totally blind", fires up a Stylophone!

- MP in Sarasota sends:

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Skaravan (Live)

- LS in Queens sends:

Big Train - Beatles Expert Kidnapped

- DS in Antarctica sends:

Cindy & Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville

- TL from Purple k'niF sends:

The Shadows – Apache

- SR in NYC sends:

Tea Partay

- LS again, with the comment “okay, I quit”.

Chet Atkins - Dark Eyes

- RSM sends RSM! on Uncle Floyd! another ! just for the hell of it!

R. Stevie Moore - Chantilly Lace

- Someone from Somewhere sent:

Tin Huey live in Akron, Ohio (“Larry’s In The Cut-Out Bin”)

N.P. (Now Playing): throbneckpainthrobshoulderpain on an endless loop...

PEEVE DE JOUR: feeling stretched 10,000 ways...


(Aug. 30th)

Chocolate Malted



N.B.A.T.W.P. (Never Be At The Wrong Party):

- Vinny DeNunzio writes:

GLENN MERCER of the Feelies will be playing Maxwell's in Hoboken on Weds., Sept. 6th. He will be joined by former Feelies Vinny DeNunzio & Dave Weckerman.

Music will feature classic Feelies tunes as well as new songs from Glenn's upcoming CD release.

The Wild Carnation featuring Brenda Sauter (ex-Feelie) will go on @ 8:30.

Doors open @ 8:00. Tickets are $8.00.

cb...where are you?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


...or, how i spent my summer vacation as a Lousiana National Guardsman, a Katrina survivor from Canada who watched his family drown, and an N.O. cop taking potshots at looters.

the personal drama unfolds as follows:

a) about a month ago, i start thinking about maybe looking around for an acting class again. this has popped up before over the years, with the idea that it would help my songwriting. no threat to Olivier, I...strickly as getting some learnin' re: building/creating a character.

b) on 8/8, i meet up with Bianca Bob & Bill...and BB suggests i should maybelike sit in on one or three of B's acting/directing classes at SVA. to think about, especially since i was just thinking...

c) a week later, NCSP calls and says that she is assisting the director in organizing a powerful/First Person POV Katrina anniversary play called "Storm Stories" by Judi Ann Mason (that was performed in NYC last Feb) which is based on emails/monologues from the playright's brother during the storm/evacuation/aftermath - "sorry it's gonna fall during your visit".

d) a week later still, i get emailed the script. powerful stuff - victims/looters/first responders/deep politics/deeper Americatragedyracism. NCSP sez "they need another white actor. no worries - it's readers memorization."

e) the show biz gene kicks in, so i say yes. readers theater? problem...that's where a bunch of actors sit on folding chairs and read a play to some potential backers or a class or whomever but whatever it will be nothing too challenging.

f) i get to Las Vegas and it's chaos, 'cause the play (tho still 'read') is now superambitiousbaitandswitcherooed/being blocked/costumed/in a real theater with light and sound cues/they need a guitarist to play bottleneck blooze and Nawleens-stylee Mardi Gras beats and...


...i am a real thespian in a real play with FANTASTIC local actors including NCSP's mom and getting ++++++ feedback from them and for four performances i am learningenjoying this all a little TOO much 'cause like i need another non-money-making talent?????

be careful what you half-semi-demi-wish for...

some pix from rehearsal:

Tammy, Helen, John, Sherida

NCSP - Madame Assistant Director

Ellis, Walter

Helen, Ellis, Ron

NP: The Wild Tchoupitoulas/"Meet The Boys On The Battlefront"

PEEVE DE JOUR: same old shit when you return from 'vacation'...the point of said expedition being what, exactly???


(Aug. 29th)

Grandma's Cookie

cb...where are you?


Sunday, August 20, 2006


JAMMED ON ON is taking its mandatory August vacation. will just have to amuse yourselves.

cb...where are you?


Friday, August 18, 2006

bLiTzScReEd FrIdAy!

- a smattering of cool stuff i've received lately:

nb: youtube was down when i composed this...
hope it's up and running by the time you blog on...

- that's from BB in NYC...and SS sez -


Subject: Having A Wild Weekend!

Hey Kids-
So much going on this weekend I'll spare the preamble and get right down to the real nitty gritty!

Fri. 8/18 Noon-3 The illustrious Todd-O-Phonic Todd fills in for the lovely Monica on WFMU, 91.1 on your FM dial (or for those of you with jobs The weekend starts here!

Fri. 8/18 7 p.m. The resurgent New York Dolls and the fabulous Tralala perform a FREE SHOW at The South Street Seaport Pier 17 in lower Manhattan (probably located between Pier 16 and 18).

Sat. 8/19 7:30 p.m The start of SOUL LEGENDS weekend. For those of you not at The Norton Records BBQ at Magnetic Field, it's another FREE SHOW with the amazing talents of Eddie Floyd and Percy Sledge. A very rare opportunity to see 2 of the greats. This show is part of the 23rd Annual Roots of American Music Festival and takes place in Damrosch Park on the SW Corner of Lincoln Center Plaza (62nd St., near Amsterdam Ave.).

and after that what could be more fitting than...

Sat. 8/19 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Subway Soul Club Check out Phast Phreddie, Ms. K and Todd-O-Phonic Todd spinning great soul and r'n'b 45's into the wee wee hours. Hey everybody, it's Gouster Time!
Club Riffifi 332 E. 11th St. (bet. 1st and 2nd Aves.)...and yes, it's FREE!

we're not done yet!

Sun. 8/20 2 p.m.-7:30 p.m. JellyNYC in conjunction with Dead Flowers and Todd Abramson present the latest in their wonderful installment of Pool Parties. It's another Soul Blast and yes...another FREE SHOW! Dig this line-up: The Fabulous Soul Shakers, The Dansettes, The Mighty Hannibal and Archie Bell! A tremendous confluence of amazing legends and the new breed that is doing a fabulous job of keeping their boss sounds going! And if being able to do the "Tighten Up" isn't good enough, you can also run through the Slip'N'Slide or play Dodgeball! And even the hot dogs are great! Phast Phreddie and Cosmo Baker add to the madness with their platter spinning.
McCarren Park in Williamsburg (entrance on Lorimer between Driggs & Bayard Ave.). Visit if you need more info.

If Gary U.S. Bonds (and The N.Y. Dolls) can have a 7 Day Weekend we can stretch it to 4...

Mon. 8/21 9:30 p.m. Archie Bell with The Dansettes Don't miss Archie's first club appearance in New York in a gazillion years! WFMU's Small Change will be on the wheels of steel keeping the party going. Not a FREE SHOW, but you should feel guilty enough after all the free entertainment preceding it that you should come by and pay even if you can't attend.
Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette St. in Lower Manhattan (212)539-8778 (P.F. Sloan is there on 8/24!)

- JW from FLA writes about our 'divided' world:

the caption reads: "No wonder the Middle East is in such deep shit".

- KA from the UK writes "The Remains Freak Out?"

Not to mention the giant go-go dancer on the right who appears to be having some kind of fit.:


- Nick Berry from Dots Will Echo writes:

Hey! Dots Will Echo is up on Neil Young's site (#242,) that's pretty cool,

- from Candy in Oregon:

Have you seen the video clip of President Chavez of Venezuala going off on Bush? It's awesome. What courage.

- RC from San Fransico gives us this from Duplex Planet:

Subject: Buzzzzzzzzzzz

Put your cursor on the man's nose and leave it there:

- LS in Queens gives us:

Killer video!

- DLS in Akron writes:

A whole new way to play the guitar ... check it out.

NP: Neal Young on "The Colbert Report"

PEEVE DE JOUR: broke. 'til October, at least. happens every year...the rest of the world enjoys a bountiful harvest, but i get famine.


(Aug. 18th)

Orange Pineapple

cb...were are you?


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


NP: throb in my shoulder/Whirlpool dryer/cricketsbullfrogs/Liam snoring/the Whirlypoolies in my head...

PEEVE DE JOUR: i can help someone in trouble... if given half the opportunity.


(Aug. 16th)

Chocolate Malted™


Walnut Fudge Brownie

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006



"sleep is for losers" (remember when you said that?)/the curse of the self-employed/get out of my way/too much crap to do/too many ideas/fearjoybusy is the me i be/i've got too may pals in trouble right now/can't run into money if i'm sitting still/get me to the south of France and watch how well i CAN do it/PS: I BRAKE FOR LOVE.

NP: Radio Nigel

PEEVE DE JOUR: sprained a muscle in my neck from wearing that shoulder sling. can't sleep...even on five times the dose of Vicodin. a/k/a can't 'chemically' be relaxed either

JOIE DE JOUR: i'm going to be in a play. in Las Vegas. in about a week. relax?...when i have such an exciting life?/fun opportunities coming my way?


(Aug. 14th)

Chocolate Covered Pretzel

cb...where are you?

Top Cat said it = "blur! blur! blur!"

Monday, August 14, 2006


...from Bianca in NYC:

"I think the life cycle is all backwards.

One should die first, start out dead and get it out of the way.

Then you wake up in a nursing home, feeling better every day.

You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.

You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.

You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous and you get ready for High School.

You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, then, you spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like central heating, spa room service on tap, larger quarters everyday,
and finally you finish off as an orgasm.

I rest my case."

NP: anything with backwards masking on it...

PEEVE DE JOUR: waiting...

JOIE DE JOUR: i'm going to be in a play. in Las Vegas. in about a week...


(Aug. 13th) Spunky Monkey
(Bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips)

cb...where are you?


Sunday, August 13, 2006


El Birthday Boy

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway (thanks Ralph!)
Sculpture by Gustav Vigeland.

forget 'Snakes On A Plane"...


nb: i have a GREAT kid.

NP (NOW PLAYING): RAYMOND SCOTT/"Soothing Sounds for Baby"...'50's pre-Mozart-will-make-yer-kid-a-genius electronica for the pre-toilet-trained set AND/OR "Kids"/Bye Bye Birdy original cast recording (Paul Lind!).

PEEVE DE JOUR: having to leave Monster House before the end of the first reel 'cause it's too scary for my 6-year-old.

JOIE DE JOUR: gonna go try to find Dover Lake Water Park and get wet...


Saturday 8pm

Verb Ballets makes its debut at Lincoln Park in Tremont with three family favorites: a major revival of choreographer Heinz Poll's Bolero; Speed Racer, a modern version of the Icarus tale; and Planet Soup, the company's signature ethnic fusion ballet. Lincoln Park is located between West 14th and West 11th Streets; and between Kenilworth and Starkweather Streets in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

my pal Anna Roberts is in the company.


(Aug. 12th)

Butter Pecan


M & M™

cb...where are you?


Friday, August 11, 2006


Family/ "A Song For Me" & "Dusty In Memphis". having MB as a roomie has its advantages.

PEEVE DE JOUR: flying to Ohio today. will have to board without my hair gel. how ever will i survive? possible scenario at the security checkpoint: an American woman shrieking "you can take my water bottle away from me when you pry it from my cold, dead hands".

JOIE DE JOUR: flying to Ohio today under the most stepped-up security conditions since 9/11.


(Aug. 11th)


cb...where are you?


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"PLUS SA CHANGE... c'est la meme chose."

[Nikki sent me this fantastic collection of
Eastern Bloc posters from the old Cold War era.]

FLASH! - 7:58AM: Sen. Joe Lieberman just lost the Connecticut primary because of his support for the Iraq war. and gas is now $3.19 in Jersey.

has the backlash finally begun?

NP: "The Internationale" in my head as i look at these. i learned it from an Al Fatah guy i met in France in '70. normally, i have shitty musical retention...but this song (along with Scotland, The Brave & La Marseillaise) still gives me goosebumps.



I'll be glad when the flag goes up
We'll sing new songs and invent new slogans
There'll be a party and we'll burn the old pictures
I'll finally have some fun

I'll be glad when the flag goes up
New uniforms if they know my sizes
I'll make new friends when I go to the meetings
It won't be better, but I'll settle for different

Redland, Red
And my house is burning
Redland, Red
Well it really won't matter (when it's)
Redland, Redland everyone

I'll be glad when the flag goes up
It will be clear what is right and wrong
I don't care about the leaders and the theories
But I know I'd just like a change

I'll be glad when the flag goes up
There'll be new names for the streets and the cities
Study the lives of the great new heroes
I won't be happy but I'll be relieved

Redland, Red
And my house is burning
Redland, Red
What took you so long?
Well it really won't matter (when it's)
Redland, Redland everyone...

('81/The Waitresses)

PEEVE DE JOUR: shoulder is hurtin'...

JOIE DE JOUR: another Tin Huey song is gonna be used in a movie. we appear to be on a roll!


(Aug. 10th)

Jamocha Almond

cb...were are you?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006


- a continuation of a discussion about women, men, divorce & menopause begun 8/5/06:

a woman once told me that she often did not know how to react to me because i was "not like other men".

gee...ya think?

i am a 57-year-old bohemian sociopath/divorcing father/self-employed rock 'n' roll songwriter-musician since the late '70's/the few 'regular' jobs i had were fuckin'awfulvowedneveragain/'68 Chicago Democratic Convention + Woodstock attendee + May 4th at Kent State = Veteran of Domestic Wars/willing conscript in the sexual revolution/buyer-inner of the feminist ideals/New Wave band leader with a politicalsociological agenda/'wrong-righter' (when i hear the phrase 'life is unfair' i bristle because that's why we are all here = to change that.

"not like other men"? well, in my circle of NYC/Clevo men i am common as dirt...not unusual at all. at the risk of piling stereotype upon stereotype, here are some generalizations of how i/we think:

- women are smart. one would be an idiot not to listen to their views/opinions/perspectives. male dominance went out with the independent, free-thinking individuals, women don't need to be force-fed/brow-beaten into following some male/mate/societally-dictated path. and "whatever you think is best, honey" is NOT what we are looking for. really. besides, i've got enough to do just taking care of myself.

- women are responsible individuals, and can make up their own minds about what is best for themselves. a corrollary to this is that the old transactional exchange:

"you never let me do/give me what i want"

"well, what do you want?"

"i don't know"

...does NOT cut it anymore. we want partners, not slaves.

- as a man, i can be vulnerable, cry, need mothering from time to time, express my feelings, get confused, fuck-up, BE WRONG, etc.. these are strengths, not weaknesses, and have been something countless women have wanted from their men forever. no problem/you got 'em.

- women can be feminine, romantic, sometimes dependent, sometimes want/need us to be 'cavemen' & take charge &/or chase 'em &/or 'conquer' 'em, BE WRONG, etc. again, no problem...

(aside: the above two points are gender don't bother leaving a comment about that. i know.)

...but if either of the above over-generalizations are used as manipulation fodder, THAT IS UNCOOL, and violates the new rules of the new game...which is based on mutual respect.

- equal pay for equal work is so obvious that it's also a given. besides - in the USA - two incomes are required by economic realites anyway, so not bringing in as much dough as possible into the mateunit is just stoopid.

- sexual equality is also a given...but don't expect the emotional hard-wiring re: jealousy, etc. to just disappear. a corollary to this is that 'morality' is just another name for 'a pattern of human behavior that has been empirically proven over countless millenia to cause the least amount of troublecrap" = peeps is peeps, and will do what they want...but don't be shocked if things get fucked up. another way of saying this is 'two cheers for monogamy' = it may not be the best thing, but it's the best thing we've come up with.

- of course, we are 'different'...duh, but we also both need each other, so accept that as a given and get fuckin' on with it, already.

(to be continued)

NP: "I Want My Land" demo - trying to come up with a song to be included in a Canadian TV show...and i need to do this fast.

PEEVE DE JOUR: another sleepless night followed by tons to do. am exhausted.


(Aug. 8th)

Peanut Butter

cb...where are you?


Monday, August 07, 2006



no shower for three days/two 6-hour power failures during NYC 100+ degree heatwave while stuck in an attic apartment/painkillers don't work even by the fistfull...Vicodin = Vi-co-DUH or DUD/bullshit piece of medical equipment ("cold therapy unit" = an Igloo cooler with hoses that's supposed to pump ice water around the wound) does not work even if i had electricity/ pissing gallons of saline and sweating like a...where does all this liquid come from?/anesthesia fuzz head.

what is the sound of one wing flappin'...("while the other goes to work")?

NP: NPR's "Morning Edition" mashed-up with roomie's kid watching Dora The Explora

PEEVE DE JOUR: cancer check up today 8:30am.

JOIE DE JOUR: two little buggertumors burnt of in the office (zzzzzzzzouch!....zzzzzzzzzouch!) done = clean bill o' health.


(Aug. 8th)

Peanut Butter

cb...where are you?


Saturday, August 05, 2006


i was recently at a party, and as is so often the case when us old farts gather together these days, the conversation drifted towards health issues & current maladies. a theme emerged in the conversations - issues commonlyusedtobly known as 'woman's problems'.

from the dining room table, a woman pal observed another woman pal's odd dance taking place in the kitchen: piling her hair on top off her head/shifting her weight from foot to foot. "hot flashes," i was told..."she needs to take off her shoes."


it is strange to see woman i've known for decades - hardknock rock 'n' rollers whom i forever will image as 19-year-old Strat-wielding unstoppable Amazons/tough West Side o' Clevo art gurls/'nice' ex-wife morphing into an unreconizable shrew - going thru menopause. i mean, we know we all are old...but this is grandma shit.

i am also reminded that at least 90% of my wakingruminating life is taken up with interactions with women - divorce lawyer/accountant/GFs/ex-wife/psycho Mom/secretaries & functionaries/doctors/etc = all distaff. now, factor in the new reality of estrogen-progesterone inbalances into the ongoing, daily tryingtofigurethesewomenout, and confusion/infuriation/frustration reigns. very un-PC/un-feminist to bring this up, but...

(aside: Eve Silberbach was the star of sixth grade - cute, smart, talented. one day at a mutual friend's b-day party, she took out a baritone uke and played a few P P & M folk songs. the adults oohed-ahhed...but i - all stoneswhokinksbeatles - thought it was the lamest thing i'd ever heard...and promptly got myself a guitar and a drum set and learned how to play.

woman + encounter = life changing experience.

the first of many...

we were all slamming hard into puberty - girls first, of course - and this made for much sniggering amongst the boys. example: whenever Eve would have her period, she'd sprout this huge red zit on her forehead - christened 'The Great Red Spot' - and much mirth ensued.

...'til once i was visiting a friend who lived on Eve's street. her dad was mowing the lawn, and since it was high summer, he was in a short-sleeved shirt.

on his right arm were some crudely-tattooed blue numbers.

Nazi concentration camp numbers.

after that, it no longer seemed so funny to make fun of someone's 'marks'.)

point: i am entirely a product of my relations with women. i do have my own reasonably solid, male identity (hard won and unique since i did not want to be like my sonofabitch father or any other cretinous jockmen presentedexhalted as suitable role models), but i must completely acknowledge how my sense of self/what i do/who i am was-has been & is being shaped by the influence and interaction with les femmes...only now i have to also factor in this new & powerful & chemically-induced variable into the life equation:

woman + encounter + menopause = ?

(to be continued)

NP: "Tell That Girl To Shut Up"/Holly & The Italians

PEEVE DE JOUR: workworkwork.


(Aug. 6th)

Chocolate Malted™


Chocolate Chocolate Chip

cb...where are you?


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fast N' Bulbous N' For Sale

- snipped from the POSITIVE APE INDEX blog:

- the uber alt Big Pink

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band recorded the legendary Trout Mask Replica LP is for sale.

At $849,900, it's a little out of my price range, but man, what kinda crazy vibes must be in that place. >

groundbreakin'worldshakin'lifechangin' record in my little world anyway. would go next door to Gerry Casale & Mark Mothersbaugh's apartment and listen in awe over and over again. HowlingWolfOrnetteColemandadaCageianaudiopurewow.

Captain Encounters:

- best quote: "Captain...who ARE you?" answer: "I'm a meat sculpture carved by gravity."

- when Tin Huey was recording in LA, CB came to our session. we asked if he'd play harmonica on a track, but he said he liked Ralph Carney's harp part just fine. Ralph is still high from that...

- we also could sign out masters from Warner Bros.'s vault. that 'long lunar note' on Big Eyed Beans heard on the original Westlake monitors without vinyl's compression or molars are still rattlin'.

- went to see CB's art opening in NYC. as thewineandcheese crowd walked in, he'd mutter something under his breath in Spanish. i asked him what he was saying and he said it was an old Mexican curse - 'may you grow mule's ears'. then he said "i know had a beard tho" (nope), then proceeded to bitch about the quality of his catalog's printing - 'look at that's a goddam barbecue!".

NP: as part of my 'recovery', am catching up on some listening/viewing. next up, Alec Guinness as George Smiley in the PBS LeCarre series, and Soft Machine Third.

PEEVE DE JOUR: need to find a fuck of a lot of


(Aug. 4th)

Cake Batter

cb...where are you?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


(photo: Nikki Corda)

Johnny Teagle/Purple k'niF/Akron 7-21-06


NP: The Waitresses/"I Know What Boys Want"/Back in the Day - Live at Hurrah's ('81) DVD


1) they could've at least gotten the song's title right. should've let me approve the copy...but didn't.

2) TSPIK could've saved her ass months ago...but didn't.

3) could've hired a moving company, but didn't = rotator cuff surgery today...predicted to be the hottest day of the year (over 100 degrees).


(Aug. 1st)


(vanilla custard with mango and raspberry)

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