Tuesday, March 28, 2006


- where i get to play culturevultureweathervane and tip y'all off to cool creative stuff in the Akro/Clevo/Hobo area.

KD as Liberace in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

Kris Drago is one of my favorite people - the gurl has no fear/mucho talent in multiple media/quicknimble wit/an Animal Rescue Army of One. as an artist, she's fun...as fun, she's an artist. recently, KD showed a piece at the Elise Mankes Studio in Marblehead, MA:

her piece:

behind the horsehair are a series of found '40's photos of a woman doing a horse. (am debating how/whether or not to post this...they are pretty raw. maybe email me, and i can grant you access thru Flickr??)

Link to photos of the entire show: http://snapdog.com/enshow/index.htm

NP: Cliff Nobles/"The Horse"
PEEVE DE JOUR: self-censorship/fear of being kicked off Blogger for posting 'naughty art'...grrrrr.


Blogger CBeezwax said...

interesting...so there is NO ONE out there who would like to see a woman fuck a horse?

7:50 PM  

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