Saturday, April 01, 2006


photo by Stephanie Chernikowski

well, pictures by me would have been nice...but my camera's batteries died. and an audio post would've also been nice...but my cellphone's battery died, too.


anyway - we covered The Clash song "The Leader" for a tribute album. daughter Hazel played bass and also contributed an excellent rock 'n' roll scream. we worked at Endless Summer (Kevin Coral's place in Kent)/ate a Taco Tonto's for old times sake (mine)...and generally had a lovely day.

also...FLASH!...from Amy's website:

<Ronnie Spector is releasing her classic version of "All I Want" as the first single from her new album, The Last Of The Rock Stars. Some little known guitar player, Keith Richards I think they said his name was, played on it.>

THE CLASH: "White Man In Hammersmith Palais"...well, i saw them at Hammersmith Palais and that was something - the crowd crush was so powerful that part of the stage collapsed.

PEEVE DE JOUR: portable electricity that leaks...


Blogger mr blur said...

"If Adolph Hitler was here today/they'd send a limousine anyway"

My favourite Clash song. They could be so great when they weren't being too ridiculous for words, when "I'm So Bored With The USA" morphed into "I'm so obsessed with American kulcher" which, sadly, was what they meant all the time.

4:25 AM  

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