Tuesday, April 04, 2006



when it comes to the art i like, i lean towards the funny/functional/conceptual vs. the decorative/representational/expressionist. in other words, i have lumpen tastes and a shallowness that screams 'Kitch Lover'....to which i fess up.

saw this car in the parking lot at Arches National Park in Utah in 2002. it appeals because there is wit here, it shows thought and choices (each panel of the car has different kinds of stones)...but mainly, SOMEONE TOOK THE TIME TO DO THIS.

(email me pix of a car you've decorated, and i'll post 'em here)

NP: LITTLE FEAT (Lowell George)/"Willin"
PEEVE DE JOUR: Divorce Court.


Blogger Chesher Cat said...

Nice car. I used to have one of those but mine was yellow.

You're listening to Little Feat. I shot them before Lowell died. Pics on my blog.

2:06 AM  

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