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...who are still doin' it:

BOB MOORE - R. Stevie Moore's Dad - played with Elvis, Roy Orbison and anybody who ever recorded in Nashville who was worth a damn.

PETE SEEGER & A YOUNG FAN - new Springsteen tribute album of all Seeger/Weavers stuff. a true original/still a Red/the real deal/still believes and cares.

RAY DAVIES - new CD reportedly kills. up there with 'em more often than they'd like to admit, too.

[under construction - video coming...i promise!]

MIKE CORDA - Las Vegas piano man/songwriter of the old school...with a new musical coming 85!

ROY WOOD - The Move/the original brains behind ELO before Jeff Lynne ran off with the idea and turned it into an arena-sized turd. RW's still reaching, still trying new stuff...

from KA in the UK: John Martyn. folk-blues-reggae-ambient-rock music, '60's folk troubadour, friend of Nick Drake, fabulous guitarist, a voice like honey, now down to one leg and still going strong.

omigod!...HG reminds me - how could i have overlooked Richard Thompson? maybe because i don't think of him as old...until i learned he was born in '49, too... Um...

NP: my palfriend Nikki Corda's doc on her Dad.

PEEVE DE JOUR: not enuff people left alive to post here. leave a comment re: who to include, and i'll see if i can post them. they don't have to be musos either...




FRIDAY MAY 5 @ 5: 30 - 8 :30 pm
Where ? NHSGC / 5700 gallery
5700 Broadway in Slavic Village
Clevo, Ohio 44127
free parking !


Blogger mr blur said...

Hey CB, Cool Geezers - John Martyn. folk-blues-reggae-ambient-rock music, '60's folk troubadour, friend of Nick Drake, fabulous guitarist, a voice like honey, now down to one leg and still going strong.

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Blogger CBeezwax said...



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Blogger Harvey Gold said...

Back in the mid 70s when I worked at Disc records (chain) at Summit mall (Akron) we were crusaders. If someone came in for Pink Floyd, we'd try to sell them Amon Duul II,or if we were particularly feisty, Faust or Soft Machine, and if they came in for James Taylor, I would, for some reason, try to ram (often successfully winning grateful friends for all eternity) John Martyn's 'Bless the Weather' down their throat. We DID do the Jack Black character in Hi Fidelity pretty well. Intimidation raised a lot of peoples' standards. besides, it was better stuff than what JT did, which was 1.73 great songs rearranged ad infinitum. The Pentangle rhythm section on it, to boot!!

Anyway, our li'l joint probably sold more Richard Thompson (who is old, btw, cb. Should be on the list) than anyplace else in the states.

Is Levon Helm a cool geezer?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous rick dailey said...

A few years ago, I sat in the tenth row, aisle seat, at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s concert tribute to Woody Guthrie at Severance Hall in Cleveland. I was listening to one of the “opening acts,” Bruce Springsteen, as he sang Guthrie’s “Riding In My Car Car Song” and “Deportee, Plane Wreck At Los Gatos” in his own inimitable style. Now, I’m a big Springsteen fan, and his performance was, without question, one of the highlights of the night.

But I’ve seen Bruce so many times in concert that it’s no longer the incredible thrill that it was at the Coliseum in 1979 when I attended one of his shows for the first time. The big draw for me that night was Pete Seeger, who was on the also bill. Surprisingly enough, I’d never seen Seeger in concert before so I was really excited about this particular show because, after all these, years I’ve run out of heroes who are able to inspire me with that same sense of awe and wonder that I first experienced on February 9th, 1964 while watching Ed Sullivan’s television show on CBS.

A few minutes after Springsteen started singing, I just barely noticed this old guy (and tall too, Ill bet he’s 6’2”) walk down the aisle and sit down in the seat directly across from me. After a few verses of “The Car Car Song,” I had one of those double-take moments and couldn’t stop looking at this geezer sitting just three feet away me. Sure enough, it was Pete Seeger.

I couldn’t help but think about how this guy’s hero was Woodie Guthrie, and how he has long been considered Guthrie’s heir apparent - and now, here he was, half-a-century or so later, passing the mantle to the next generation. So after a few minutes I think that he noticed me staring at him and he looked directly at me and smiled - just ever so slightly. I pointed out to my date, “there he is! there’s Pete Seeger!” I think that her reply was “Pete who?”

Eventually, Seeger got up and sang some of his favorite Woody Guthrie songs. And for the grand finale, all of the night’s previous performers (which included Springsteen, The Indigo Girls, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Arlo Gutrhrie, and many others) stood behind Seeger and sang backup (chorus style) to his performance of “This Land Is Your Land.”

Now, I’ve heard The Clash sing “I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.” while being pressed against the stage by a mob of three hundred fans at the Cleveland Agora, attended a post concert party with The Ramones at Swingo’s, seen Elvis Costello on his first tour of the U.S. from the front row at The Rathskellar at K.S.U., shook hands with Little Richard and Chuck Berry, watched Pete Townsend destroy a guitar while Keith Moon demolished a drum set, witnessed Jerry Lee Lewis kick a piano bench off the stage. But right up there at the top of the list is Pete Seeger singing “This Land Is Your Land.”

I don’t know what else to say, but - Old Guys Rock!


9:38 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

RD - FANTASTIC comment.
btw - got tix for Bee's 9th - see ya Sunday!


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Anonymous allenbukoff said...

Here's my vote for the amazing American artist Carolee Schneemann. Still following her own wild-ass drummer.

12:40 AM  

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