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we all know that "Guinness is Good For You" (a/k/a 'liquid bread'), and that when Molly Bloom goes "yes...yes..." she is not admiring her publican's pour. i've only been to Ireland/Dublin once, but i liked the Joycian quotes embedded in the sidewalk in front of sites mentioned in the book.

today's the real day to feel Irish (screw that March holiday where frat boys race to be the first one to puke on your shoes), so tip one for James Joyce's compliplixious nozzle of a stream-of-consciousness novel. in NYC, they read the whole book in one marathon setting - i don't know what they do here in Ohio...shower with Irish Spring? a bowl of Lucky Charms?

Joyce never stopped writing it, you know...a few years ago an edition came out that reproduced his own copy...with an additional 100,000 words he'd scribled in the margins over his lifetime.

[aside: two years ago, when my marriage was breaking apart, i asked the missuz if she'd like to go out for a being Bloom's Day and all. i'll join you in a bit, she said, so i went out alone to a local Irish bar/watched some soccer/she no-showed/i felt absolutely miserable. when i returned to the apartment, the missuz had moved out of our bedroom and taken up residence in her workroom. how sweet. i'm sure there is a choice Gaelic word that would eloquently encapsulate my opinion of her at that moment...but i don't know it.]


NP: The Nairobi Trio (i've got a headache from 7 hours of white-knuckling thru PA)

PEEVE DE JOUR: to read over and over again in a friend's blog that they are in a 'downward spiral' + let me be here for you + no no no/they runaway/they don't somethingidown'tknwowhatthefuck = me getting pissed after months of this = they run even farther away (see! see! i knew you were a jerk!) and still say they are in deep shit. somewhere out there is a smart/talented/sexy woman know...actually wants to LIVE, and not relishingloryingetbackattheworldbybeinga slow suicide. what a waste.

well, i don't do funerals.


my pal Joe McGinty is Mr. Loser...i



June 16, 17

426 Lafayette, NYC

Buy Tickets Here:
Tickets are already going fast!


The Kustard Kings: Joe McGinty, David Terhune, Julian Maile, Clem Waldmann, Eddie Zweiback, Catherine Popper, Mike McGinnis

with: Sean Altman, Connie Petruk, Jennifer Karr (backing vocals)

and guest singers:

June 16: Jed Parish, Amy Miles, Anney Fresh, Julia Greenberg, Lianne Smith, Michal The Girl, Cathy Cervenka, Free To Be Friends (late show), Sara Shaoul (early show), Chris Anderson, Nick Danger, Patti Rothberg, Jana Peri, Victoria Liedtke, Joanna Choy, Mike Fornatale, Natalie Weiss

June 17: Jed Parish, Amy Miles, Ed Rogers, Anney Fresh, Tricia Scotti, Christine Smith, Free To Be Friends (early show), Sara Shaoul (late show), Debby Schwartz, Chris Anderson, Patti Rothberg, Jana Peri, Nick Danger, Lianne Smith, Royce Peterson, Victoria Liedtke, Joanna Choy, Mike Fornatale

Some more singers TBA, also, singers may change without notice.

ROSATI'S FLAVOR-OF-THE-DAY: June 17th: Stawberry Shortcake

cb...where are you?



Blogger mr blur said...

Tania and I went to see "Hommes De Ciel" the other day; really cool - much better than those tribute-to-Abba things.

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Blogger Harvey Gold said...

When someone is abusive to a spouse or children and there's no intervention early, stopping it is close to impossible.

When anyone (and we know a few very, very well) isn't stopped from manifesting a part of their personality as the dominant, be it smart assed, callous, self centered, and/or superficially and childishly dramatic - something that so often is mistakenly read as charming by friends and family, thus cementing that kind of behavior's value, thus allowing that person to define themselves as such, well - endorsements often stop time and nothing changes. If you think about it, a really easy way out against any growth or the true shouldering of , well.. anything, the lie being that shouldering pain is enough.

It's too scary to change your entire definition of yourself. Tough stuff for others to handle, when they're drawn to the exposed parts that are legitimately attractive. The conundrum for the one doomed to care is the fact that yes, those wonderful qualities can coexist with the horrible ones, so all that intelligence and sensitivity does NOTHING to change the other parts... nor does yours.

And in the case of gerlz,Sleeping Beauty complex is a bitch... REALLY tough on wanting to be the Prince. Problem is she might not even want the Prince once he gets to her, but she sure wants him to fight the dragon.


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