Monday, June 12, 2006


- another installment chronicling my banged-up bod.

photo of one ooglee-ass body part: The Dollimoma

in this case, how i sliced my knee up for the glory of rock 'n' roll...

it's like '76 or '77, and i am playing bass in The Numbers Band in Kent, and it's a great gig...but i had also re-hooked-up with Liam Sternberg who i first met in '70 and he and i had gotten it in our heads that all that music coming out of CBGB in NYC was at least matchable by us Buckeyes here in LO-HI-OH. Liam was playing guitar fulltime with an Elvis imitator on the bowling alley lounge circuit, and both of our gigs were our solution as to how to have another band that could play the brilliant/zillion-selling songs we were going to write was to just make 'em up. in a coffee shop in Kent, Liam had come up with the name Jane Eyre and The Belvederes (named after his crapped-out car), and i took the hint from the be-beehived server who was keeping the caffeine coming and named my imaginary band The Waitresses.

so now we needed tunes, and a place to record 'em. the tunes came quick (we are fast/hard-working strivers on a mission), and the recording bit was solved by Liam's friend and co-student in Akron U's Music Compostion class - Rick Dailey. RD of the 8-track Teac. Of the matched pair of Neumann U-87's. Of the infinite patience re: allowing us madmen into his home and letting us realize our visions.

but i lived in Kent, and had no ride...and Liam & RD lived in i was dependent on Liam for transpo (now in his piss-yellow Toyota Corolla...the Belvedere's motor had seized up on I-76...ya gotta put oil in it, LS). one night, mid in the recording process (i think i was working on Clones, and Liam was fleshing-out Yankee Wheels), Liam and i be cruising on Rte. (in Ohio, we pronounce this 'rout' vs. 'root') 261 towards Tallmadge Circle, when we hit the most amazingly thick fog bank i have ever seen. i was sitting in the passenger seat with my knees up on the dashboard, and as Liam and i plotted our plots and planned our plans, we had to go slower...and slower...and sssslllllooooowwwwweeeerrrrrrrr 'cause visibility was Less Than Zero...we literaly could not see more than a foot ahead. no worries, Liam sez - i'll just follow the white line, and back to chattering we go.

we were down to like 5 mph...Liam following the trying/acting as scout tho nothing - no lights no signs no nothing but white white white - was all i could see thru the windshield when BAM! we drop & stop dead. my knees get jammed into the dashboard/Liam's head whipsnaps forward into the steering wheel, and the Toy's engine stalls and we hear the car's frame crack in two. big big pain shoots up from my knees thru my bod/Liam starts cursing in unknown tongues and...

...we find ourselves sitting smack in the middle of an unfinished wedge of concrete at the entrance to Tallmadge Circle. some kind of new construction to guide the entering traffic To The Right. we jump out of the car, crazedidiot yelling what the fuck? no marker lights? no construction barriers? no nothing but a piss-yellow To(taled)yota now sitting about two feet down in the dugout dirt having jumped the triangle's curb. Tallmadge police station is in the middle of the circle, so we cussscreamscramble towards their building ready to reem them out when i start to feel a dampness 'round my left knee. i was wearing these old jeans that were held together with Boy Scout patches and also split down the shin side/tied up with leather boot laces. i unraveled the leather lace and rolled up the pant leg and...found myself staring at this bloody/white thing where my knee was supposed to be. i was looking at the bonewhite of my left kneecap - the impact had peeled back about a three-by-three inch patch of skin as neatly as peeling an orange. i pale and almost faint, but my rage keeps me conscious. the cops call an ambulance and i pass out on the way to the hospital. when i wake up, i am in the welfare ward (The Poor Hippie Pavillion) with 76 stiches...

They give me...Tylenol with codeine (no good dope for cb due to my 'lifestyle choice'), and i am back on stage at JB's (sitting down) with The Numbers Band the next night. the show must go on, you know...

still got those jeans/they still got my blood on 'em...

left knee of hippie pants with rip & blood

NP: The 'mats/Live @ Maxwell's, Hoboken '86:

PEEVE DE JOUR: they are not really contradictions at all - the are ALL TRUE = still not sure what to do...assuming i even still have a choice in the matter, that is.


The Tank
279 Church Street (between white and franklin st)
Saturday, June 17 - 930pm - $6
Modern Day Urban Barbarians- Brooklyn-based effects heavy noise punk duo:

Baylies Band- Riff heavy growling rawk from Massachusetts. think Jesus Lizard, Cows. etc...(featuring bass player from Temple of Bon Matin)

Division of Planes- Dissonant guitar driven post-punk out of Brooklyn:

Social Junk- West Virginian weirdo noise folk trio, music varies from mellow folk balads to thudding noise experiments:

if you are anywhere near Las Vegas, my pal Nikki Corda's Dad (see my April 28th blogpost) has a new musical premiering tonight:

The Asylum Theater Presents:

- an old-fashioned melodrama

June 12-16 @ 8pm
June 17 @ 2pm

Tickets: $20 (opening night/includes reception)
$15 all other performances
(group rates available)

Winchester Cultural Center
3130 S. McLeod Sr.
Las Vegas, NV 89121


cb...where are you?



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