Friday, August 18, 2006

bLiTzScReEd FrIdAy!

- a smattering of cool stuff i've received lately:

nb: youtube was down when i composed this...
hope it's up and running by the time you blog on...

- that's from BB in NYC...and SS sez -


Subject: Having A Wild Weekend!

Hey Kids-
So much going on this weekend I'll spare the preamble and get right down to the real nitty gritty!

Fri. 8/18 Noon-3 The illustrious Todd-O-Phonic Todd fills in for the lovely Monica on WFMU, 91.1 on your FM dial (or for those of you with jobs The weekend starts here!

Fri. 8/18 7 p.m. The resurgent New York Dolls and the fabulous Tralala perform a FREE SHOW at The South Street Seaport Pier 17 in lower Manhattan (probably located between Pier 16 and 18).

Sat. 8/19 7:30 p.m The start of SOUL LEGENDS weekend. For those of you not at The Norton Records BBQ at Magnetic Field, it's another FREE SHOW with the amazing talents of Eddie Floyd and Percy Sledge. A very rare opportunity to see 2 of the greats. This show is part of the 23rd Annual Roots of American Music Festival and takes place in Damrosch Park on the SW Corner of Lincoln Center Plaza (62nd St., near Amsterdam Ave.).

and after that what could be more fitting than...

Sat. 8/19 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Subway Soul Club Check out Phast Phreddie, Ms. K and Todd-O-Phonic Todd spinning great soul and r'n'b 45's into the wee wee hours. Hey everybody, it's Gouster Time!
Club Riffifi 332 E. 11th St. (bet. 1st and 2nd Aves.)...and yes, it's FREE!

we're not done yet!

Sun. 8/20 2 p.m.-7:30 p.m. JellyNYC in conjunction with Dead Flowers and Todd Abramson present the latest in their wonderful installment of Pool Parties. It's another Soul Blast and yes...another FREE SHOW! Dig this line-up: The Fabulous Soul Shakers, The Dansettes, The Mighty Hannibal and Archie Bell! A tremendous confluence of amazing legends and the new breed that is doing a fabulous job of keeping their boss sounds going! And if being able to do the "Tighten Up" isn't good enough, you can also run through the Slip'N'Slide or play Dodgeball! And even the hot dogs are great! Phast Phreddie and Cosmo Baker add to the madness with their platter spinning.
McCarren Park in Williamsburg (entrance on Lorimer between Driggs & Bayard Ave.). Visit if you need more info.

If Gary U.S. Bonds (and The N.Y. Dolls) can have a 7 Day Weekend we can stretch it to 4...

Mon. 8/21 9:30 p.m. Archie Bell with The Dansettes Don't miss Archie's first club appearance in New York in a gazillion years! WFMU's Small Change will be on the wheels of steel keeping the party going. Not a FREE SHOW, but you should feel guilty enough after all the free entertainment preceding it that you should come by and pay even if you can't attend.
Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette St. in Lower Manhattan (212)539-8778 (P.F. Sloan is there on 8/24!)

- JW from FLA writes about our 'divided' world:

the caption reads: "No wonder the Middle East is in such deep shit".

- KA from the UK writes "The Remains Freak Out?"

Not to mention the giant go-go dancer on the right who appears to be having some kind of fit.:


- Nick Berry from Dots Will Echo writes:

Hey! Dots Will Echo is up on Neil Young's site (#242,) that's pretty cool,

- from Candy in Oregon:

Have you seen the video clip of President Chavez of Venezuala going off on Bush? It's awesome. What courage.

- RC from San Fransico gives us this from Duplex Planet:

Subject: Buzzzzzzzzzzz

Put your cursor on the man's nose and leave it there:

- LS in Queens gives us:

Killer video!

- DLS in Akron writes:

A whole new way to play the guitar ... check it out.

NP: Neal Young on "The Colbert Report"

PEEVE DE JOUR: broke. 'til October, at least. happens every year...the rest of the world enjoys a bountiful harvest, but i get famine.


(Aug. 18th)

Orange Pineapple

cb...were are you?



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