Tuesday, August 29, 2006


...or, how i spent my summer vacation as a Lousiana National Guardsman, a Katrina survivor from Canada who watched his family drown, and an N.O. cop taking potshots at looters.

the personal drama unfolds as follows:

a) about a month ago, i start thinking about maybe looking around for an acting class again. this has popped up before over the years, with the idea that it would help my songwriting. no threat to Olivier, I...strickly as getting some learnin' re: building/creating a character.

b) on 8/8, i meet up with Bianca Bob & Bill...and BB suggests i should maybelike sit in on one or three of B's acting/directing classes at SVA. hmmmm....cool....something to think about, especially since i was just thinking...

c) a week later, NCSP calls and says that she is assisting the director in organizing a powerful/First Person POV Katrina anniversary play called "Storm Stories" by Judi Ann Mason (that was performed in NYC last Feb) which is based on emails/monologues from the playright's brother during the storm/evacuation/aftermath - "sorry it's gonna fall during your visit".

d) a week later still, i get emailed the script. powerful stuff - victims/looters/first responders/deep politics/deeper Americatragedyracism. NCSP sez "they need another white actor. no worries - it's readers theater...no memorization."

e) the show biz gene kicks in, so i say yes. readers theater?...no problem...that's where a bunch of actors sit on folding chairs and read a play to some potential backers or a class or whomever but whatever it will be nothing too challenging.

f) i get to Las Vegas and it's chaos, 'cause the play (tho still 'read') is now superambitiousbaitandswitcherooed/being blocked/costumed/in a real theater with light and sound cues/they need a guitarist to play bottleneck blooze and Nawleens-stylee Mardi Gras beats and...


...i am a real thespian in a real play with FANTASTIC local actors including NCSP's mom and getting ++++++ feedback from them and for four performances i am learningenjoying this all a little TOO much 'cause like i need another non-money-making talent?????

be careful what you half-semi-demi-wish for...

some pix from rehearsal:

Tammy, Helen, John, Sherida

NCSP - Madame Assistant Director

Ellis, Walter

Helen, Ellis, Ron

NP: The Wild Tchoupitoulas/"Meet The Boys On The Battlefront"

PEEVE DE JOUR: same old shit when you return from 'vacation'...the point of said expedition being what, exactly???


(Aug. 29th)

Grandma's Cookie

cb...where are you?



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