Sunday, September 10, 2006


the view of NYC from Weehawken's Kings Bluff/the site of the Burr-Hamilton duel. i don't see my kid for a week and a half, and when i left him he was struggling with training wheels on his bike...and when i picked him up today he was whizzing around the sidewalks of Hoboken on two wheels like a pocket-sized Lance Armstrong.

"hey Dad...let's go for a bike ride!"

we do. first it's around Church Sq. Park. still disbelieving the evidence of my own eyes, i wanted to really check out his skills (especially braking) before chancing a long ride. a little wobbly, some foot dragging vs. back-pedaling...and forget the front hand brake. what he could do really well was broadcast his thrill at being able to do this and the intense pride and freedom that comes with crossing one of lives major thresholds.

damn...he was growing up. he was no longer welded to my hip, never more than an arms-length away. easy to hover over. easy to guideyellathelprescue. now he's 3/4's of a block away and on his own and I CAN NO LONGER COMPLETELY PROTECT HIM.

there's a kid in the Park with a box of used VHS videos. lots of kid's titles for a buck apeice.

"first day off of training wheels?"

("me or him?" i thought to answer.)

"yeah. he's just turning 7. this is our first father-son bike ride."

the kid nods and looks wistful.

"wow, 7...those were the days..."

"how old are you?"

a bike ride thru Weehawken, NJ:

Chez Moi - top floor, anyway.

Chez Riche Fucke

Thelonious Monk's house

NP (Now Playing): wind rushing from Meriman Rd estate sale bike helmet.

(Now Viewing): just in from JK in PA!!!! Pjotro - "The Fabulous Musical Suit"

NR (Now Reading): from my Bro in Sarasota...

Filmmakers Say Hooray for Cleveland/NEW YORK TIMES


(!!!!! I thought she was done with Clevo?? and funny...i finally met Dave Perkowski at Meet The Bloogers last Friday)

Published: September 10, 2006

PEEVE DE JOUR: i want to have my kid, my toys&tools and my girlfriend in the same friggin' county...

JOIE DE JOUR: my kid did not notice that his front wheel had lost a nut and was hanging on by hopefaithluck. the mind races with high-speed catastrophes that could have happened...but thankfully didn't.

NBATWP: (Never Be At The Wrong Party):

from my pal Anna - a principle dancer in the company. saw them in Tremont/Lincoln Park last month and they kill:

This is your friendly reminder that Verb is performing
Sept 15th and 16th at 8 pm at the Natural History
Museum in Cleveland. The number to reserve tickets is
(216)231-1177 or 800-317-9155 ext 3297.

the program is:

Chichester Psalms (Cortez)

Shadows of Nes-Min (Cortez)

Ku'U Home (Ernest Morgan)

Andante Sostenuto (Heinz Poll)-I'm doing this on

Friday--so if you can come, come then!

New Cortez premiere



(Sept. 10th)

Chocolate Malted


Chocolate Mist

cb...where are you?



Blogger Mike said...

monk's house...
we're not worthy!
we're not worthy!

7:46 PM  
Anonymous pjotro said...

In regards to Pjotro, you may be aware that there is a new battle for music since DJ Effex entered the scene! Help me out by voting for me!

2:37 PM  

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