Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bLiTzScReEd TuEsDaY!!!

- a smattering of some of the funcool stuff i've received recently:

NB: the graphic i've been using for these bLiTzScReEd posts comes from my pal Elizabeth McCullough's "Pearl Harbor" CD. please check out her music at:



- from KA in the UK:


i get one of these amazing graphics every week...
- from the Dollimama in Akron:

A WOMAN has suffered severe burning to her anus after being struck by lightning which hit her in the mouth and passed right through her body.

Natasha Timarovic, 27, was cleaning her teeth at home when lightning struck the building.

She said: "I had just put my mouth under the tap to rinse away the toothpaste when the lightning must have struck the building.

I don’t remember much after that, but I was later told that the lightning had travelled down the water pipe and struck me on the mouth, passing through my body.

It was incredibly painful, I felt it pass through my torso and then I don’t remember much at all." Doctors at the city hospital where she was treated for burns to the mouth and rear said: "The accident is bizarre but not impossible.

She was wearing rubber bathroom shoes at the time and so instead of earthing through her feet it appears the electricity shot out of her backside," a medic told local television news channel, 24 Sata.

- Bruce from New York sez:

Friends - Per the poster image below, the A-Bones will back up Fortune Records' Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams and Norton Records' The Great Gaylord at Union Pool (484 Union St. in Williamsberg, Bklyn) next Wednesday, October 11th.

Per the link below that, we'll be doing the same thing a few days later in Valencia Spain. Show proof of attendance for both shows and enjoy free Chorizo (on us) all night in Valencia.


- KA in the UK also sent:

IN TUNE WITH FUN - an 8-page comic from the '50's about the joys of playing the accordian

read/see the whole thing at: http://www.ep.tc/intunewithfun/

NP: Resonance FM London - very cool freeform station, and a sister station of WFMU. http://www.resonancefm.com/audio.htm
...and Randy Newman on The Colbert Report!

PEEVE DE JOUR: Demons: 3, CB: 0

JOIE DE JOUR: a good batch of grapes (??...trying, trying)



(Oct. 10th)

Mint Chocolate Chip

cb...where are you?



Blogger mr blur said...

Hey CB, the man with the guitar machine video was from me too. I guess I messed up the "Share this video" bit. Fucking technology. There's a bit about him, and pics, here:


3:10 AM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

will fix this - ta!


9:11 AM  

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