Friday, October 13, 2006


there's lots i can say about this brilliant band, which i will get to soon. best musical training experience of my life. but for now:

"When Good Things Happen To Local People"

Legendary local musician Jack Kidney will be performing with Frank Black from the "Pixies", on the Conan O'Brien show on October 20, 2006 in New York City. Later that night Jack will be playing with Black and band at the Warsaw club in Brooklyn, NY.
Frank is including Jack at a number of October gigs in the surrounding area; Pittsburgh on the 27th, Cleveland's "House of Blues" on the 30th, and the Cincinnati area on Halloween the 31st. See the schedule at Frank Black's website for more club details.

This Frank Black project is somewhat of a followup to the "Honeycomb" CD and he used many of the same musicians. Frank and Jack previously performed together in L.A. with David Thomas (PereUbu). Frank liked Jack's straight forward musical approach and immediately asked him to record in L.A. Then last September he hired Kidney to record with him and many other notable musicians in Nashville resulting in the recently released "Fast Man Raider Man" CD. Jack plays tenor sax and harmonica on many tracks, and was pleasantly surprised to find that most all of his work made it to the CD, including some solo work.

Watch Conan on the 20th, come to the House of Blues on the 30th, and of course listen for Jack on "Fast Man Raider Man" !
pic of alumnae from The Kent Stage, Kent, Sept 17th 2005. 35th Anniversary Show:

Standing, left to right; John Thomas, Bill Watson, Fred Tribuzzo, Bart Johnson, Mike Stacey,
Dan Kidney, Al Milburn, Robert Kidney, Chris Butler, Jack Kidney, Drake Gleason,
Ed Sigler, Terry Hynde.
Sitting, left to right; Mike Bubnow, Frank Casamento, Rob Reisman.
one magnificent album:



NP: "Stolen Cadillac"

PEEVE DE JOUR: The Orchard's song-plugger passed on me after only hearing three tunes. ah well, that's show biz.

JOIE DE JOUR: wow...24 seconds/2 page views!...however did you find the time?



(Oct. 14th)

Caramel Heath


Chocolate Covered Pretzel

N.B.A.T.W.P. (Never Be At The Wrong Party):

DENNIS DIKEN (of The Smithereens) will be back on the air this Saturday October 14 on WFMU from 10am -1pm, filling-in for "MICHAEL SHELLEY"

don't forget, YOU CAN LISTEN ON LINE if you're out of the range of the signal. info below.

tune in, give a shout if you please on the studio line at (201) 200-9368.

it's been a while, I'm looking forward to spinning platters aplenty once again.

your boy,

Dennis D


WFMU broadcasts at 91.1FM in the NYC/NJ metro area

90.1FM in the Hudson Valley/Catskills region
and online from anywhere at:

cb...where are you?



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