Friday, February 16, 2007


- from RC in SF - a robot plays the solo in Giant Steps:

- from Bongo Bob in OH - Patti Smith makes me cringe:

- from WG in NYC - good grooming 'down there' (also look for the 'music video' egg - will post the url separately soon):

- from RSM in NJ - live at Maxwell's:

- from LS in NYC - "Ferry 'Cross The Curry":

- from Derf in OH - more Indian hinduhippie weirdness:

- and one more from RC - New Tech Troubles:

NP: Roomie was playing "Jimmy Bell Is Still In Town" LP by 15-60-75 this morning. is that a masterpiece or what?

PEEVE DE JOUR: can't believe RBW still has her crap in my garage. i am such a chump. REMINDER - trash pickup in Bath is on Mondays.

JOIE DE JOUR: 8 hours of really good sleep. first in weeks, i think. and reading about all the poor folks stuck on I-78 in Pennsylvania. told you that state was malignant.

cb...where are you?



Anonymous rickdailey said...

OK, great... so where was the machine to play the Elvin Jones part? That's what I want to see.

11:25 PM  

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