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July 11th, 1997,

Guinness Book of World Records

declares "The Devil Glitch" to be


Ten years ago, "The Devil Glitch", my 69-minute song that contains over 500 different choruses, was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the "World's Longest Pop Song".

In a letter dated July 11th, 1997, Managing Editor Christine Heilman informed me that the song would be included in the 1998 U.S. edition as tops in this category. Although I didn't write the song to break any record, it was one more exciting accolade that this unique project had generated, and I was honored to be selected.

The song began as a mere five-minute version (included on the CD for the chronologically impaired), with a 12-chorus vamp at the end. As a gag, I started writing extra choruses, and three months later I had enough to fill an entire CD. After recording a backing track with vocals and an acoustic guitar, I passed out 3- to 4-minute chunks to musicians I have produced and/or played with, asking them to flesh-out the arrangement in anyway they saw fit. With 14 contributors in hand (including Freedy Johnston, Kramer, The Gefkens and even my Mom), ace engineer Scott Anthony digitally edited the whole thing together into one long, seamless tune...with only a brief "pause for station identification" should any radio station be crazy enough to play the whole thing. To my surprise, several stations including WFMU (East Orange, NJ), WNYU (NYC), KVMR (Nevada City, CA), KPSU (Portland, OR) plus others all gave it a spin.


...but 69 minutes just ain't enough.

Today, I am pleased to announce THE MAJOR GLITCH PROJECT! Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for ANYONE to create a 3-4 minute chunk that can be edited into the original, the goal being to create an online version that plays/streams for hours and hours. a website is under construction to facilitate this, but for now - here are some specs:

- the original version was created using a 114 BPM click track. you can use this or not...your choice.

- the chords are A major/B minor/D6...but again, you can use any key you choose.

- lyrics should start with the phrase "Sometimes you can fix something by..."

- submit your chunk in an MP3 format to

Details to follow. happy Glitching!


NP: R. Stevie Moore's Devil Glitch submission...with a guest appearance by Senator Bob Dole.

PEEVE DE JOUR: where's that Waitresses box set?

JOIE DE JOUR: fabulous, high summer day!


Peach Melba
(Peach Custard with Raspberries)

cb...where are you?



Anonymous rickdailey said...


5:59 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

RD - please submit!


10:56 PM  
Blogger H. Harvey said...

Mazel Tov... this is one of those where I actually find myself wondering "ONLY 10 years?!" A lot of road since then, my friend. As the station ID guy, who did the last bite before the break and the first after, let me once again say that I'm truly proud as a mid-size monkey with a fresh peach pit to have been involved in this... and I'll say once again, your short version is still one of the kick ass tunes of your career, sonny.

xoxo - h

9:58 AM  

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