Saturday, April 29, 2006


 i am sitting on a rock in my yard in lovely Bath, OH, talking phoneseriousrealdeallifestuff with NC...and i'm telling her about this RED TAIL HAWK that i see everyday that perches on a branch about 40 feet above my small pond that will periodically swoop into the water after a frog or something and invariable MISS...and then sit on a log and preen itself and and try to regain its dignity and hope that nobody saw it's clumsy attempt at feeding itself.

...when as i am talking on the friggin' phone i get BUZZED by this bird i can feel wings whoosh thru my hair damn! that is sooooooo weird!!! thank god no talons out i tell NC what has just happened and she sez maybe i should get the hell out of there and i say yeah it must have a nest nearby and be very territorial and perceive me as a threat (me???) and i see it up in a tree giving me the feathery eye-ball and i i get off the rock and move towards the house and eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the damn thing buzzes me AGAIN and i lose my balance and i fall over and CRACK MY HEAD hard against a rock out-cropping and see stars and have to ring off as the world swims before my eyes and i am friggin' BLEEDING from a nice deep GASH on my left earlobe.


NP: the ringthrobouch in my head...crap, do i have a concussion?

PEEVE DE JOUR: not having a .22 rifle.

FLASH - 9:28AM UPDATE: there are THREE bigass wild turkeys in my backyard RIGHT NOW...normally, i would say yahoo!, but today i am too birdspooked to go outside.



---- 9:30 PM / $7 Admission


THE LIME SPIDER 207 South Main Street AKRON, OH

WITH HALF CLEVELAND (featuring members of Tin Huey + Debbie Smith from CHI-PIG)


RALPH CARNEY AND FRIENDS ( of Tin Huey as well)


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