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a must peruse:
promised a fellow blogger to hold off publishing this until they did. my turn - just too screwyfunnyabsurdOCD not to share:

nb: a tip o' The Huey Hat to Gina-cologist for finding this in the first place:

NP: THE BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND/"Gorilla" LP...cherrypop/first exposure to manic Brit a true masterpiece/Viv Stanshall was my hero. also, the AG/Ealing comedies - used to come home after a gig with my high school band and WJW would always be running All At Sea. just brilliantslywry stuff...

PEEVE DE JOUR: Viv Stanshall and Alec Guinness are dead.

a list of must-sees/must dos so you can N.B.A.T.R.P.
(Never Be At The Wrong Party)

Peter Stuart is THE Master of '60's Beat Group and Bass Lore (and an expert on British Naval Armament of the early 20th Century), and anything he's involved in is worth seeing:

"On the 30th anniversary of Phil Ochs checking out of life, a whole evening of our favorite Phil tunes."

Sunday April 9, at 8PM
Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Blogger mr blur said...

Cor Blimey, guv'nor - we just picked up the CD of Sir Henry at Rawlinson's End in a sale at the local music emporium. And a Bonzo's CD collection too.

When I was a teenage dirtbag and went to London for the first time, I sought out the first ever Virgin Records store, which was in fact a small upstairs room at the "hippie" end of Oxford Street full of floor cushions and headphones. And rather exotic... aromas.

I plonked myself down, someone who looked like a roadie for Hawkwind (or possibly one of the band) handed me the headphones and through them I heard the Bonzos doing "Shirt".

In such moments, futures are changed.

"Hey, you have the same trouble with your trousers as I do!"

10:12 AM  
Blogger mr blur said...

This is just wrong in so many ways.
(WTF is that weird woman doing with Vanessa Redgrave?)

4:45 PM  

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