Thursday, April 13, 2006


- this time it's impersonal.

...and it's also weird...hadn't been here in 15+ years, and then twice in a month.used to soooooooo hate thisafrontagainstnature/ultraphonycroneyboneymaroney/
AnnieHallgotitright/cretinous/smogcan'tbreathexcuse for A City. but's fun - great new friends/great food/visually exciting...oh, and it was warm, B's & G's.

some of the Venice/Santa Monica denizens i met:

btw: my pal Ed Tomney was/is? this guy Jonathan Borofsky's sound boffin/collaborator

- fantastic CD/props to NC-SP for the turnonto/utterly LA,
but then again...not = gets no darkermoodiersexypainlostdopesexagain
than this stuff/so good they had to leave the country.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...and i wanna get their other releases.




PEEVE DE JOUR: Alessis. met Fred & Pam at an amazing Sunday in Venice, CA theycallitafarmer'smarketbutit'swaytogroovysoSoCaloutside
brunchingwesternswingbandfantastic. Fred is a Project Manager at Alessis,
which gave me the opp to chide him about not supporting the ADAT audio recording format anymore with parts and service. very sharp cat, but he gave me the Digital Party Line about the new modality coming with the understanding that whatever you buy will be obsolete blah etc. blah etc.. these digitotalitarians...all they know is I/O, I/O, I/ friggin' O = no warmfuzzyanalogmiddlegroundgrayareas.

he's right - it's the way of the world - but that leaves me with the choice of either 1) using my two machines as A/D converters or 2) having two very effective doorstops. my counter to him is/was: your company is so damn successful that it can afford to piss off/alienate/chase away an installed user base in the hundreds of thousands because you can't be bothered to to carry a few grand in parts inventory? like i would move up to one of your new products since i'm feeling burned? give a discount on your new machines for former ADAT user/buy 'em back at eBay prices (grrrrrrr, but better than nothing)/somethinganything to keep us in tow? do you think you're Apple????

i should be in marketing.

actually, i should have worked in a hardware store...but that's another story.

N.B.A.T.W.P. (Never Be At The Wrong Party):

Cleveland Cinematheque
11141 East Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
216) 421-7450

Thursday, April 13, at 8:45 pm &
Friday, April 14, at 9:20 pm
USA, 2002, Michael Almereyda
It’s taken four years and a major hurricane to get Michael (Nadja, Hamlet) Almereyda’s acclaimed, New Orleans-set drama released, but the wait was worth it. Set in the near future, this beautiful, enigmatic, romantic film with sci-fi trappings and a terrific soundtrack follows a young woman, Amelia, who goes to the Crescent City to find her sister Muriel, who has vanished without a trace. All that remains is Muriel’s mostly-erased hard drive, which Amelia searches with some success, linking her to an odd assortment of real and virtual characters. With Ally Sheedy and David Arquette. “(A) small masterpiece…One of the best films around not to secure a proper theatrical release.” –L.A. Weekly. “Isn’t for everyone…Certain to confound as many viewers as it will inspire…Will foster a core critical contingent that will find itself transfixed and, ultimately, deeply moved by the film’s ravishing power.” –Variety. Cleveland theatrical premiere. 35mm. 89 min.



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