Monday, June 19, 2006

sivlE evilA

- on the way to Mt. Charleston, NV.

we were the last folks on our block on Ripley Rd. in Clevo to get a television set. my parents 'didn't believe in it' (?)...well, that's what they said anyway. sometimes i'd go over to David Koblitz's house and watch Long John Silver (Robert Newton!...aarrrggghhhh!) , but that was about the sum total of my mass media input ('cept for rock 'n' roll on the radio - i used to listen to Mad Daddy...also against my parent's wishes...they didn't believe in that stuff either). one day, something snapped tho, and this big blond RCA arrived. of course, i could only watch things like the opening of Disneyland...and more Long John Silver.

and then it was September 9th, 1956. Sunday nite. i was deemed old enough to handle Ed Sullivan. Elvis Presley came on and scaredthelivingsexualshit out of every whitegrownup'weclawedourwayoutofthecityforthis?'.

miles of words have been written about this event, and i won't add to them except to say that anyone born after that date has NO IDEA what a bombshell was dropped on the world's culture that night.

we had that TV til '62 - we had moved to suburbia by then, and one of those fantastically violent Clevo thunderstorms burped out a bolt of lightening that hit the antenna while i was watching 'Ruff & Ready" (early Hanna-Barbera cartoon show) and BOOM melted the thing into one big lump of metalglasssmokingwood.

but that tv really first blew up when Elvis was on...and my ears are still ringing.

NP: Radio Nigel/no Elvis...all '80's

PEEVE DE JOUR: having to force yourself to realise that you're never gonna get anythng more out of a relationship than you've already gotten. no matter how much you want more/thinkknow you deserve more...that's it. fini. fin. The Source has run dry.


cb...where are you?



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