Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fast N' Bulbous N' For Sale

- snipped from the POSITIVE APE INDEX blog:

- the uber alt Big Pink

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band recorded the legendary Trout Mask Replica LP is for sale.

At $849,900, it's a little out of my price range, but man, what kinda crazy vibes must be in that place. >

groundbreakin'worldshakin'lifechangin' record in my little world anyway. would go next door to Gerry Casale & Mark Mothersbaugh's apartment and listen in awe over and over again. HowlingWolfOrnetteColemandadaCageianaudiopurewow.

Captain Encounters:

- best quote: "Captain...who ARE you?" answer: "I'm a meat sculpture carved by gravity."

- when Tin Huey was recording in LA, CB came to our session. we asked if he'd play harmonica on a track, but he said he liked Ralph Carney's harp part just fine. Ralph is still high from that...

- we also could sign out masters from Warner Bros.'s vault. that 'long lunar note' on Big Eyed Beans heard on the original Westlake monitors without vinyl's compression or molars are still rattlin'.

- went to see CB's art opening in NYC. as thewineandcheese crowd walked in, he'd mutter something under his breath in Spanish. i asked him what he was saying and he said it was an old Mexican curse - 'may you grow mule's ears'. then he said "i know had a beard tho" (nope), then proceeded to bitch about the quality of his catalog's printing - 'look at that's a goddam barbecue!".

NP: as part of my 'recovery', am catching up on some listening/viewing. next up, Alec Guinness as George Smiley in the PBS LeCarre series, and Soft Machine Third.

PEEVE DE JOUR: need to find a fuck of a lot of


(Aug. 4th)

Cake Batter

cb...where are you?



Anonymous jake said...

That was one mighty playback session. Roy Estrada's bass almost shattered the glass in the booth.

I still remember the Cap asking "Want a camel?" and everyone looking very "uh...." until he pulled the ciggy pack out of his pocket.

And those eyes were a blue million miles. Made Paul Newman's look Mexican.

5:37 PM  

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