Monday, October 02, 2006


so AP has some pieces in this weekend's... The Seventh Regiment Armory between Park & Lex in Manhattan. me and the kid go. big fun. they are making art again...lots of interesting stuff...

[ASIDE: one time me and AP were at the NYC SCOPE Show a few years ago and it was just awful - the capper being a fiberglass rear end of a sheep with anatomically correct, ripe and open for business. from that time on, all art shows had to pass the Sheep Ass Test...if the stuff ain't better than THAT...]

...and then in walks Kevin Bacon with Kyra Sedgwick in tow. so that makes zero degrees of separation - the game is over! CB & LCMB win!

for some reason, an Acura dealer had skeezzed their way into this show, and had parked an MDX SUV over in the corner by the Cafe area. Kevin and Kyra were seated closest to this vehicle....there is a buzz around them, of course, but they chat and coffee unmolested. of course, my kid and two other kids jump in this car and play racing...hitting all the buttons and carrying on as kids do. i hop in the backseat inorder to text message a friend that i had won the game, and just as i was thinking "wouldn't it be a perfect time for..."

HONKBLEATFLASHTOOTHONKBLEATFLASHTOOT... kid hits the alarm and K & K leap out of their chairs the entire place drops a collective jaw the kids start screaming my kid starts crying i try to get out of the car but the doors are locked i finally get it open and try to get my kid out but the door is locked for him too finally he jiggles something and we get out and he is freaking and someone runs up with the keys and hits the off button on the key fob and...

i bow and announce that "i hope you all have enjoyed this little piece of performance art starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick" and i take a bow.


"THE THIRD MAN" (1949) on TCM. the noir-est of the noir...and the alltime greatest film ever made. the story/dialogue/characters/shadowsweirdcameraangles/creepy zither music...

from the the Black Market scenes in the opening to the ferris wheel scene...

to the finest "fuck you" finale shot ever shot

....100% utterly original and stronstrongstrong...the XTC of movies.


JOI DE JOUR: Purple k'niF rehearsal, and the first time i played drums since my surgery. not bad/limited reach/not too much discomfert considering i am NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS for another month and a half or so. feh...time to rock.



(Oct. 2)


[13 days 'til my Rosati's - the one in Northfield Center - closes for the season. drat, damn & blast.]

cb...where are you?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

**possible spoiler** for anyone who hasn't seen "TTM." (is that possible?). stop reading (and go rent) if y'ain't seen it yet.

fyi - Roger Ebert regards Orsen Welles' entrance mid-way through "TTM" as "the most famous entrance in the history of movies, and one of the most famous speeches."

me thinks he's right.


6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. - i mean "Orson." duh.


6:55 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

i agree.

and i agree = "rent it"...there are new , cleaned up prints that kill.


1:24 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

Two words: Criterion Collection

11:17 PM  
Blogger CBeezwax said...

yes! the CC stuff is fantastic. clean, bright prints plus lots of good special features.


10:49 AM  

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