Wednesday, September 27, 2006



my brother was just up from Tampa. it's his chance to hang with his old buds, see a Browns & Indians game and visit with our Mom. now, she ain't doing too good, and can't maintain the house anymore that our family has lived in since 1957. 'maintain' is the right word, since she already sold it to the investment banker who bought half the land a few years ago, and built a MacMansion in the back three acres. his wife's name is Tammy. they have a Hummer. N.O.K.D., but they are okay folks and the deal they made allows our Mom to stay there as long as she wants/can keep the place up. which i already noted ain't hap-nin'.

we were sitting in the living room a few days ago, and somehow the subject came up about our earliest memories - yes we recall my Mother's Nagymama (grandmother) living on Ripley Rd. bro recalls the temporary house in Warrensville were we stayed in '58. i have clear memories of having a flashbulb pop in my face as i came down the stairs at my Grandparennts house on Xmas morning (i was 5), and building a Miniature National Park in the sidelot on Ripley as well. all varified by nods and wistfull looks. then gradually, a creepy feeling spread around the room - my Mom is 87, my brother gets up to Ohio whenever he can but that's not that often and i yo-yo back and forth between Ohio and the East Coast...this was most likely the last time we would all be together, and certainly the last time we would be together in this house that my Dad built.

then i told my story of being 6 or 7 and being in the backyard with my Dad, and him saying "hey,'s a Flying Wing". my Dad had been in the Air Force, so interesting aircraft were already a big deal in our house. yep...there she was...big...strange...and as powerful a memory as all the other stuff listed above.

i have often thought of this incident.

there is only one problem.

the last airborn Northrop Flying Wing crashed in '48. and the last remaining plane of this type crashed taxiing down a runway in '50, never even getting off the ground.

NP - Radio Nigel/Animotion's "Obsession"

PEEVE DE JOUR: Divorce Court on Thursday. i don't want to leave Ohio, but i miss my kid. i didn't get enough done here. i didn't see R.B.W. enough. hornyscaredlonelynotgoodnotgoodnotgood.

JOIE DE JOUR: i will get more done tomorrow.



(Sept. 27th)

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