Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NEW '56???

as i've noted on this blog, i grew up in the Hungarian ghetto in Cleveland, Ohio that used to dominate the western tail-end of Buckeye Rd. Russo's Butcher Shop for meat (i got to pick the live chicken), Lucy's for donuts and Lake Balaton Restaurant for special ocassions my Grandfather sold 'em insurance and wethey bought cars from Szabo's and they did not teach me one fuckin' word because they wanted me to be an AMERICAN [well..i knew "Eresheggera!" thanks to Greta Garbo in 'Ninotchka'].

we lived on Ripley Rd. and so did my grandparents five doors down and Ernie Kardos the first violinist for the Clevo Orchestro with his wife the first chair harpist and every night we ate dinner there and especially if there was Dobos Torte for desert (a cake that it took my Grandmother three days to make) and after discussing the current Hungarian who had assimilated such as Ernie Kovacs or the Gabor Sisters or whomever the talk would always always turn to politics and invaribly invaribly someone would utter the theme of my youth "that bastard Eisenhower" because in '56 when the Hungarians rose up against the Russians with nothing more than Magyar rage and Molotov cocktails and begged the world for help the USA did nothing.

now the Hungarian ghetto is long gone, the Hungarian Reformed (Lutheren) Church which was the center of all life there is now a Baptist temple i think and that tight tight community that did eveything byforwith itself was TOO successful at assimilation because like a medical charity that fucks up and actually FINDS a cure for their pet disease and thus goes out of business all the Hungarians assimilated too well and poofgone. but a few nights ago the Hungarian ambassador was on The Colbert Report very funny! and today i am listening to the BBC and watching PBS which has tons o' clips of the Budapestians going batfucknutz because their Prime Minister admitted that he lied to them and i still make a mean mean paprikas with homemade dumplings i've got some Hungarian Hot Wax peppers in the fridge for this are you hungry?

NP: Fergie/ "London Bridge" damn that's song is strong...

PEEVE DE JOUR: so i know i left one last mouse trap in the utility room when i left Akron after pulling five mice outta like...where's the trap? cannotfindit!!!

did i snag...

...Mighty Mouse?

JOIE DE JOUR: "Boston Legal" season premier tonight!


Hoboken, NJ

Come join Two Dollar Guitar for a special set at the Goldhawk in Hoboken this Thursday evening around 9:30PM.

Not only will Tim Foljahn be celebrating this weeks release of 'The Wear andTear of Fear: A Lover's Discourse' CD but he'll be joined by Chris Brokaw(Come) on guitar and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) on drums.

Dave DeCastro will play around 8PM and the Goldhawk is located at 936 Park Ave. on the corner of Park + 10th St.



(Sept. 20th)

Chocolate Malted


Chocolate Cherry Kiss

cb...where are you?



Blogger Harvey Gold said...

a) Mine assimilated so passionately that I can't tell you our real family name, what the name of the village south (I think) of Kiev my dad's family came from, and know notneverever a whit of Ukranian or, for that matter, Hungarian, or for that matter, Yiddish, and

b) we will always, always, always have a grateful appetite for that most killer of all Paprikashes, Mister Butlerinski.

11:25 PM  

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