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i'm interested in antique and oddball recording technology. in fact, i made a whole CD of new songs recorded on barely-functioning, creaky old machines:

More info:
The Museum of Me.

 are a few more media i haven't explored yet...but will!

(from JK in PA)

flo is introducing the direct to beer mastering

the sound of the pro's ! get a licence today!

first of all. i dont drink beer. but i was always attracted to those nice long cylindric beer cans..and of course also to thomi E's great idea of the all the ethnologist in late 19th century going to foreign countires cutting untouched tribes into edison cylinders.

i wanted to do the same.nowadays on well crowded places. asking people for their voice. they can drink the beer.i can keep the recording..what a deal. what an archive....but lets see the pictures

i took pieces of the first kingston dubcutter prototypes. for the linear mechanism..some other nuts and old audax recording head will do it for the beginning and a shitty handcrank...later i use a motoralso the tooth-belt has to be ordered. but for first test it works like this.

on june 26th 2006 i did the first cutting. unmodulated. the cutting stylus is a hand sharpened steel nail. so for sound tests i gonna use sapphire styli for sure. i hope to cut some sound next few days also the reproduction is not solved yet....just a little detail.

july 10th 2006. now i improved some stuff. the centering of the can was not very good. also i wanted to get more levels so i had to attach the grampian head...yes.yes. this gives much more levels on the beer. now i just have to coonstruct the reproducer..hope to get that this week.

Jazz on Bones: X-Ray Sound Recordings
(from BB in NJ)

In the USSR and Eastern Europe in the 1950s underground night spots would play music pirated from the west. The only media they had were recorders etched into discarded X-ray film. I've long sought some images. Researcher Camille Cloutier pointed me to these, collected and posted by József Hajdú. Here's what he says about them:

During the late 1930s and early 1940s the prevalent sound recording apparatus was the wax disk cutter. As a consequence of the lack of materials in the war-time economy, some inventive sound hunters made their own experiments with new materials within their reach.

I do not know the name of the inventor who first utilized discarded medical X-ray film as the base material for new record discs; however, the method became so widespread in Hungary that not only amateurs, but the Hungarian Radio made sound recordings on such recycled X-ray films.

I felt that those X-ray record albums relate to our contemporary lives in many ways, especially when considering such terms as 'multimedia' or 'recycling'. I copied the X-ray films with their engraved sound-grooves on photosensitive paper and made enlargements of certain details.

I was quite lucky to find a considerable amount of similar sound records in private collections. These are also interesting from the visual aspect. By utilizing different photographic processes, I created from them pictures meant to be exhibited in galleries.

In an online paper called The Historical Political Development of Soviet Rock Music, Trey Drake, at the University of California, Santa Cruz offers further historical perspective on this street use of technology:

Owing to the lack of recordings of Western music available in the USSR, people had to rely on records coming through Eastern Europe, where controls on records were less strict, or on the tiny influx of records from beyond the iron curtain. Such restrictions meant the number of recordings would remain small and precious. But enterprising young people with technical skills learned to duplicate records with a converted phonograph that would "press" a record using a very unusual material for the purpose; discarded x-ray plates. This material was both plentiful and cheap, and millions of duplications of Western and Soviet groups were made and distributed by an underground roentgenizdat, or x-ray press, which is akin to the samizdat that was the notorious tradition of self-publication among banned writers in the USSR. According to rock historian Troitsky, the one-sided x-ray disks costed about one to one and a half rubles each on the black market, and lasted only a few months, as opposed to around five rubles for a two-sided vinyl disk. By the late 50's, the officials knew about the roentgenizdat, and made it illegal in 1958. Officials took action to break up the largest ring in 1959, sending the leaders to prison, beginning an orginization by the Komsomol of "music patrols" that later undertook to curtail illegal music activity all over the country.


and here's a new find of mine - a little 45RPM player with a twist: the stylus head is removable, and a 2nd shell contains a tape recorder's magnetic recording head.

the machine uses floppy, mylar disks made of the same material as recording tape with a ferric oxide coating.

the audio quality is just the way i like it - crappy!...but it does work.

More info:


NV (Now Viewing): OK GO - TREADMILLS

I'm probably the only person on earth who hadn't seen this amazing clip...and the fan versions are a scream.

NP: "Spandex Years"/WRUW '80's show with Patty & DJBG - LISTEN HERE!

PEEVE DE JOUR: had to walk out of Walmartopia to make another commitment.

JOIE DE JOUR: Kent Smith is here....and as Preston Sturges wrote, we have been 'digging quite a trench' in NYC.



"WALMARTOPIA" is a scathingly funny piece of musical theater that takes the world of Walmart to its logical conclusion - world domination. fantastic - and has a few days left on its return run at the 14th St. Y in Manhattan. and kudos to pal Kristy Wilson for her star turn in the production.


"WALMARTOPIA has been selected as one of only 16 shows to return to New York for the Fringe Encore Series. The much acclaimed cast will perfrom six shows at the 14th Street YMCA, from September 15 through September 23, for those New Yorkers who missed the show called "not to be missed...”

Anna Marquardt won the 2006 Outstanding Actor Award for her performance at New York International Fringe Festival."



(Sept 18th)

Go Nuts!

cb...where are you?



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